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Create a New Table with SELECT Statements in Oracle

Create a New Table with SELECT Statements in Oracle How To Create a New Table by Selecting Rows from Another Table in Oracle? Let's say you have a table with many data rows, now you want to create a backup copy of this table of all rows or a subset of them, you can use the CREATE TABLE...AS SELECT statement to do this. Here is an example script: &...

JRE 8 rt.jar - java.* Package Source Code

JRE 8 rt.jar is the JAR file for JRE 8 RT (Runtime) libraries. JRE (Java Runtime) 8 is the runtime environment included in JDK 8. JRE 8 rt.jar libraries are divided into 6 packages


UFT (Unified Functional Testing) Tutorials

Where to find tutorials on UFT (Unified Functional Testing) tool? I want to know how to use UFT. Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team about UFT (Unified Functional Testing) tool: Introduction of UFT (Unified Functional Testi...

Differences between Windows PowerShell and cmd.exe

What are differences between Windows PowerShell and cmd.exe? cmd.exe is the traditional command line shell. PowerShell is the new command line shell with the following differences: Windows PowerShell is a Windows command-line shell designed especially for system administrators. Windows PowerShell


FAQ for FOP (Formatting Object Processor)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by team on FOP (Formatting Object Processor):


哇哇网为你提供了信用卡号码产生器,你只需选择数量,再点击“提交”键, 测试用的信用卡号码便会显示在下面结果区。

EPUB Tutorials

Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team about EPUB file format:

DBA Resources

This site is a resource center for database administrators (DBA). It includes latest DBA job opportunities, DBA technical articles and DBA job interview questions and answers

Software QA Resources

Welcome to the Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Information Center. It offers articles, best practices, methodologies, FAQ, guides, books, directories, and tools that are related software QA and testing. Popular materials include job interview FAQ, test plan samples, testing tools, and more.


iTools第4版 - 制作微信备份

如何用iTools第4版制作微信聊天备份? 如果你想用iTools第4版制作微信聊天备份, 你可以按下面的步骤进行: 在电脑上打开 iTools 4 > iTools,然后用USB数据线把手机和电脑连接起来。 点击上方【工具箱】图标, 然后点击“实用工具”一侧的【微信管理】图标。 你便可以看到“微信消息管理”视窗了。 点击“获取信息” > 【扫描】键, 开始制作微信备份。 等待备份制作结束


Show Me My IP Address and Host Name

Whenever you are visiting a Website, your activities will be recorded against a client IP address and host name that represent your computer at that time. This simple test page allows you to find out what is your IP address and host name

Operating System Interview Questions and Answers

An Operating System, or OS, is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. Without a computer Operating System, a computer would be useless.


Managing Temporary Files on Windows 7 - 18 Tutorials

A collection of 18 tutorials on understanding and managing Windows 7 temporary folders and files: Where Are Temporary Files Located; How to Show Hidden Files; How to Remove IE, Outlook and MS Office Temporary Files; How to Remove Cookies and Downloaded Files; How to Turn off and Remove Recent File and Program Links; etc.


ETL (extract, transform, and load) Testing Interview Questions

ETL stands for ‘extraction, transforming, and loading.’ Knowing the ins and outs of assessing ETL performance will give you a better ability to answer succinctly and with a full knowledge of the ETL process


Database Administrator Articles

re you a DBA? Need to update your database administration knowledge? We have selected a big collections of articles for you...

World Time Zones and Related Information

Welcome to the FYI Center for world time zones and related information on time zone names, representative locations, current date and time, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) offsets, time zone converter, etc. Local Time Calculator by Location Current Date and Time by Regional Time Zone Local Time Converter by Location Local Time Converter by Time Zone World Map of Regional Time Zones Names and Locations of Regional Time Zones Standard Time Zones in the World World Map of Standard Time Zones What Is Daylight Saving Time (DST)? What Are UTC, UT and GMT?

Internet Connection with DSL Modems - 8 Tutorials

A collection of 8 tutorials on Internet connections with DSL modems covering: What are required to use DSL modems; How to connect DSL modems; How to configure Windows systems for DSL modem connection; How to troubleshoot DSL modem connection problems; etc.


Internet Security Certificate Information Center

Are you having Internet security certificate problems with a Web browser or an application? Welcome to visit this information center, where you can enhance your knowledge on security certificates; learn how to use various certificate tools; search and download any certificates. By: is the Internet security certificate information center. It provides you a large collection of articles on what is X.509-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and public key certificates, tutorials on how to use various certificate tools to verify, and install certificates, certificate database for you search and download Certificate Authority (CA) certificates.

DERBY Java Database FAQs

Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview? Check out this collection of DERBY Java Database FAQs...


World Currencies and Related Information

world currencies and related information on currency names, codes, symbols/signs, decimal places, exchange rates, converter, lookup lists, coins, bills, etc.

Hand-Picked Best Travel Deals

Looking for a good travel deal? Take a look at our hand-picked best travel deals and discounts of the day for vacation packages, air flight tickets, hotels, rental cars, and cruises. please visit: For more, please visit:

HR round interview questions and answers

your first round of interviews would be with HR personnel. What type of questions will be asked?...

Performance Tutorials Processes - Background Process List

A background process is a program that is running on the system without any user interface. Since most background processes are running invisiblly and quietly on your system, you need to use Task Manager to view them.


XHTML 1.0 Tutorials - Understanding Hyper Links and URLs

A collection of 16 FAQs/tutorials tips on XHTML hyper links and URLs. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on anchor tags/elements, URL structures, different formats of URLs, hyper links to image, music, PDF and ZIP files, opening documents in new windows.

An Introduction to Software Testing

An Introduction to Software Testing: Concepts of Testing; Functional Testing; Non-Functional Testing; Test Planning; Test Preparation; Test Execution; Test Reporting and Metrics.