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17 May 2008

16 May 2008

rubyspec in MRI!

MSPEC_GIT_URL=git:// RUBYSPEC_GIT_URL=git:// update-rubyspec: if [ -d $(srcdir)/rubyspec ]; then \ cd $(srcdir)/rubyspec/mspec; \ git pull; \ cd ../spec/rubyspec; \ git pull;

14 May 2008

Headius: RubySpec: Bringing Ruby Test Suites Together

So what are you waiting for? Contact Brian Ford and get access to the specs (perhaps after paying a one-patch toll)...have a look at the JRuby test repository...pick a file, and start comparing. Tell your friends, email your favorite Ruby list, blog and r

10 May 2008

William's random git tools

Here are a bunch of random git-related tools I've found useful at some point.

09 May 2008

The value of the RubySpecs - The Empty Way

I guess, the main thing I’m trying to say here is that now it’s the perfect time to look into the RubySpecs and to start contributing. That way, you’ll affect ALL the Ruby implementation, making ALL of them better! For more info, take a look here an

Headius: Promise and Peril for Alternative Ruby Impls

Let's review the promise, peril, and status of all the [ruby] implementations. Note, this is largely a mix of facts and my opinions. Corrections for the facts are welcome. Corrections for the opinions...well...let's take it offline.

Using Meta-Programming for Performance in Ruby : Nuclear-Powered Nutcracker

Normally we use meta-programming in Ruby for our own convenience as developers, and we swallow the speed hit it gives us as a reasonable trade-off. The way Rak is implemented turns this on its head. Rak compiles its line matching code on the fly, to sp

07 May 2008

hackety org » Sneaking Ruby Through Google App Engine (and Other Strictly Python Places)

Despite all the clicking that has been done on a certain star.gif, I really don’t think Ruby is coming to Google’s App Engine. Google doesn’t have much of a toe in the Ruby scene and App Engine is clearly entrenched in Python technologies (such as P

04 May 2008

03 May 2008

Advogato: Mixins for PHP

by 2 others
Since I've started working on Psychoo, a number of people have contacted me about the PHP code behind the system. We talk all about hacking PHP's classes. In the process of toying with the language constructs, I found that there is a technique for impleme

#190425 - Pastie

Twitter Charts show when and how often you twitter. Hook this idea up a SCM and find out your most productive times!

27 April 2008

POW! « I’m Probably Corey

Ever get frustrated dealing with files or directories in ruby? Maybe it’s just me, but using File, Dir, FileUtils, Pathname, etc makes me queasy. So I wrote POW! to make life easier.

25 April 2008

22 April 2008

Giles Bowkett: Ruby Golf: ASCII Sierpinski Triangle

A classic fractal, via Brian Mitchell. I have no idea how it works. In a weird inversion of my usual pattern, I know the math but I can't figure out the code.

21 April 2008

19 April 2008

18 April 2008

17 April 2008


Pure ruby IDE for Gnome

14 April 2008

13 April 2008

Sweeper - File: README

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