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May 2008

veader, the codemonky - Endless Pages

Endless Pages Having heard a blurb on an endless page plugin on the RailsEnvy podcast, I decided to check it out. I wasn’t happy with how the plugin worked, so I whipped up something similar.

Plugins - Endless page - Agile Web Development

User opens webpage if he want to see some information. He doesn’t need paging. He doesn’t need to remember page where he have found needed info few months ago. Few words about way it works: When user opens web page in the background JavaScript time

Unwinding the stack: back to the future, this time for real. How large Rails codebase as opposed to Merb and Datamapper?

I did some stupid meaningful calculations, it turns out that ActiveSupport alone is compared in size to Merb core, Merb more, Merb plugins, DataObjects, DM core and DM more together.

Hobo - the web application builder for Rails

HoboFields writes your Rails migrations for you! Your migration writing days are over! class BlogPost < ActiveRecord::Base fields do title :string body :text timestamps end end

April 2008

Hey Rails, nice Rack!

So i’ve spent this week hacking on Rails, specifically going spelunking in ActionPack and porting Merb’s rack machinery to rails. I figure that merb is a very nice experimentation ground and decided it was time to give some love back to the framework

ismasan's ar_sluggable_finder at master — GitHub

Gem to make ActiveRecord permalinks act as unique ID's

LiveValidation Rails Plugin

LiveValidation is a plugin which allows automatic integration of your Rails application with Javascript library LiveValidation. This library implements client-side form validation and you can see a demo in its site.

March 2008

February 2008

Koz Speaks — Random Musings on Technology

So naturally I’m interested in migrating rails from subversion to git, as are the rest of the core team. Unfortunately [...]

Controller specs are a drag -- techno weenie

it.assigns :forum, :flash => {:notice => :not_nil} it.redirects_to { forum_path(@forum) } it.renders :template, :index

January 2008

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