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May 2008

hackety org » Sneaking Ruby Through Google App Engine (and Other Strictly Python Places)

Despite all the clicking that has been done on a certain star.gif, I really don’t think Ruby is coming to Google’s App Engine. Google doesn’t have much of a toe in the Ruby scene and App Engine is clearly entrenched in Python technologies (such as P

GraphPath Language

GraphPath is a little-language for analysing graph-structured data, especially RDF. The syntax of GraphPath is reminiscent of Xpath. It has a python implementation that can be teamed up with your favourite python RDF API (e.g. Redland, rdflib, or your own

April 2008


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PottyMouth transforms completely unstructured and untrusted text to valid, nice-looking, completely safe XHTML.

March 2008

RDFa @ Digital Bazaar

librdfa is a pure C implementation of a standards-compliant RDFa parser. The library is quite easy to use (there are only 5 functions). librdfa is stream-based (very little memory usage), very small (the library is around 19KB) and fast.

February 2008

December 2007

November 2007

#121382 - Pastie

A class to convert HTML to textile. Based on the python parser found at

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