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9.2. Quick Start

Now that you know the basics of how applications and modules are structured, we'll show you the easy way to get started.


Zend Framework 1.11.0 FINAL Released

The Zend Framework team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the general access release of Zend Framework 1.11.0. This release is the culmination of several months of effort by contributors and Zend Framework partners, and offers several key new features, including support for mobile devices and the first stable release of the SimpleCloud API.

Integrating Zend Framework and Doctrine / Ruben Vermeersch (RubenV)

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This article will guide you through the steps needed to set up a project using both the Zend Framework and Doctrine. In a step-by-step way, we will set up a simple message board application.


Scienta ZF Debug Bar - Joakim Nygård

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The Scienta Debug Bar is a plugin for the Zend Framework for PHP5. It provides useful debug information displayed in a small bar at the bottom of every page.


Zend Framework 1.6 Now Available

This version of Zend Framework gives developers a few new tools for their ever expanding toolbox.
  • * Zend_Tool
  • * Lucene 2.3 Index File Format Support
  • * Zend_Session save handler for Database Tables
  • * Paginator Component
  • * Figlet Support
  • * ReCaptcha Service
  • * Captcha Form Element
  • * Zend_Config_Xml Attribute Support
  • * Zend_File_Transfer Component
  • * File Upload Form Element
  • * Zend_Wildfire Component with FireBug Log Writer

La communauté Francophone du Zend Framework

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La communauté francophone a pour objectif de favoriser les partenariats et les entraides entre les utilisateurs du Zend Framework. Elle s'adresse notamment : * Aux entreprises souhaitant basculer vers le Zend Framework * Aux contributeurs du Zend Framework, notamment aux traducteurs pour la version française * Aux étudiants, aux développeurs cherchant un emploi dans le domaine * A tout les francophones s'intéressant au Zend Framework

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