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16. Why does Firefox load my SWF twice?

Firefox 3 has a known issue that sometimes causes a swf to be 'double initialized'. The problem appears to be fixed in their codebase, but has not been released yet. See the following bugs for more details: bug 438830 and bug 445599.

Or, if you have "Disable cache" selected in your Firefox Web Developer Toolbar extension a double load will occur.


SWFObject_2_0_documentation - swfobject - Google Code

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SWFObject_2_0_documentation Embedding Adobe Flash Player content using SWFObject 2.0

2007 | Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v3.20

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UFO is a DOM script that detects the Flash plug-in and embeds Flash objects (files with the .swf extension). It has its roots in the Web Standards community and is designed to support W3C standards compliant, accessible and search engine friendly web design. It also contains several features and best practice techniques that other scripts currently don't have. UFO is free, licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL and an Open Source Flash Project.

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