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Guide 2018 de la taille des images sur les réseaux sociaux - Blog du Modérateur

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Nous rassemblons sur cette page toutes les dimensions des images sur les réseaux sociaux. Les tailles des photos sur Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et consorts viennent d’être mises à jour. Vous pouvez conserver cette page en favori pour accéder plus facilement à toutes les dimensions des images et des photos


Buffer - A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media

A better way to share on social media Social media management for marketers and agencies

TwitCount - Twitter Share Counts Alternative

A free fix for Twitter's decision to deactivate share counts


A drop-in replacement for Twitter’s deactivated unofficial share count API.


Apply Magic Sauce - Prediction API -

Our trait prediction engine is based on actual psychological data and the corresponding social media profiles of over 6 million individuals. We publish anonymised samples of our data online, resulting in 33 peer-reviewed publications since 2011. Not to mention global research collaboration among 80 academic institutions.


Pipl - People Search

We dive into the deep web to bring you results you won't find in any other search engine then we use a powerful identity resolution engine to identify the person you are looking for.

Spokeo People Search | White Pages | Find People

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Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes White Pages listings, Public Records and Social Network Information to help you safely find & learn about people.

FullContact Person API | Add social profile data to your contacts

Query by email address, Twitter username, Facebook ID or phone number. FullContact’s Person API finds publicly-available social profiles, profile photos, basic demographics and social influence.


Social Share Privacy

More and more websites use like-buttons from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. However, these buttons send information to these social networks even if the user doesn't click them, but even if they are just present on a webpage. This way these networks are able to track which websites users are visiting and are able to build fairly complete browser histories of their users. Because this is neither what a user might expect nor what many website operators that embed like-buttons want, this alternative way of using these social services was developed.


Sharrre - A plugin for sharing buttons

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Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (with PHP script) and more.

link_stat - Développeurs Facebook

An FQL table containing counts that show how users on Facebook are interacting with a given link.


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Display the media count for facebook, twitter, feedburner. digg and others


Google lance Google plus – : toute l'actualité Google

Aujourd’hui Google lance Google Plus, un nouveau service social de partage de liens et autres vidéos en concurrence directe avec Facebook. Quelques éléments de ce nouveau service semblent vraiment novateurs comme « Cercles » ou encore le chat vidéo multiple.

Le projet Google+ : partagez le Web comme vous le vivez

Pendant la phase de tests, l'accès au projet Google+ est réservé à un nombre limité d'utilisateurs. Cependant, le projet sera bientôt ouvert à tous. Pour être parmi les premiers informés lorsque Google+ pourra accueillir davantage d'utilisateurs, communiquez-nous votre adresse e-mail.


Gmail: de nouvelles fonctionnalités “sociales” pour demain ?


Les utilisateurs de Gmail peuvent déjà (à la manière d’un MSN messenger) mettre à jour leur status (en quelque sorte) via le module de chat mais avec la nouvelle fonctionnalité gmail proposerait une “timeline” qui permettrait à la manière d’un newsfeed FB ou une timeline Twitter de suivre les mises à jour de vos contacts.


Adobe Labs - Social

The Social service enables you to write applications that integrate leading social networks such as Facebook and MySpace into your apps. The service, implemented through an easy to use API, provides an abstraction layer that connects with different networks. This removes the complexity and repetitive work of having to implement multiple APIs in order to integrate social features from multiple social networks into your application.

Is Social Taking over Google? - Articles -

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This is the new web. It has changed from being a place that you visit, to a place where you are. And it is no longer relevant to measure traffic + referrers. Instead you want to measure influence + communication + reaction.


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this is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter. inspired by wefeelfine, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs.