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12 July 2007

gizblog: User Generated Advertising

Our current campaign for Yahoo! Answers has what we think is the world's first user-generated and personalised advertising.

06 July 2007

I don't feel like dancin'... - Fashion and hair styling? Oh god.

Is it possible to be hot (to me, at least) and entertaining while explaining who you are in many, many more words than necessary and wearing a great ugly shirt? If you're James May, it's completely possible. Seriously, he's going to kill me with adorableness if he keeps up this media-whoring thing!!

Yahoo and Passion

Share What You Love is all about talking about your passions, about sharing them with the world. From children to golf, people share the love in a cleverly put together personalised video. Unfortunately there’s only one script, so the focus is definitely on sending the video to your friends and not seeing what other people have done, as the only difference is the pictures and the passion.

04 July 2007

WOW JE SUIS ENFIN CELEBRE ! : ou les ELUCUBRATIONS d'une Parisienne Lunatique et un tout petit peu Zinzin

Yes ENFIN je suis reconnue pour ma passion quotidienne : LA GROGNE PERPETUELLE ! et c'est Louise Bourgoin en personne qui le dit !

Sandrine Plasseraud:

Anyway, this is the first time they deal with English bloggers so let's wish them a big success here as well !

30 June 2007

iScatterling and Capt Slow — iScatterlings iScatterling and Capt Slow

Thanks to Hugh at Gapingvoid for pointing me to Yahoo’s “Share What You Love”, you can get to share your advert with Capt Slow.

Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise : Blue Monster defects to Yahoo?

Phew....thankfully not. There is something ironic about me viewing this post through Google Reader though :) Looks like I should go create my my own Yahoo Ad with their site! Check out my (very) similar version :)

29 June 2007

Shiny Shiny: Yahoo wants you to share what you love

It also lets you create personal videos in a really easy to use format. Unfortunately the videos are all identical, with only a name change and a photo differentiating you from other people. You do get a personalized banner to display on Yahoo though, and you can also embed it in your website if you wish. It's worth a try, if just for the amusing reflections from your old school teacher...

Yahoo wants you to share what you love « The All Store - Shopping Fashion

Nowadays everyone wants to be famous, as the popularity of Big Brother and Pop Idol will testify too, and as such I was surprised bun not shocked when this this strange video of me popped into my Inbox. Yahoo! Answers has just launched an online user database,which aims to be a mixture of social networking, Q&A's and video content.

gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": the blue monster goes yahoo

The Blue Monster gets a mention on this rather amusing, quirky ad for Yahoo Answers. The virus spreads etc. [Link:] Yahoo Answers' "Share What You Love" homepage. It appears the ad campaign was created by this French ad agency. Rock on.

Julie's Den: Been quiet

Been quiet here at work so to pass the time did this silly thing..........

27 June 2007

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