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Mixnode: Turn the web into a database

A fast, flexible and massively scalable platform to extract and analyze data from the web.


Learn to stop using shiny new things and love MySQL | Pinterest Engineering

So, let’s equation-ify this. Maturity increases with blood and sweat, but comes slower with more complexity. Maturity = (Blood + Sweat) / Complexity


Google Developers Blog: Google Cloud SQL now Generally Available with an SLA, larger databases up to 500GB, and encryption

Google Cloud SQL is a fully managed MySQL service hosted on Google Cloud Platform, providing a database backbone for applications running on Google App Engine or Google Compute Engine. Today, we are announcing Cloud SQL is generally available (GA), now with: encryption of customer data, a 99.95% uptime SLA, and support for databases up to 500GB in size.



Google Cloud SQL

Run mySQL databases in Google's cloud. Use a fully managed service to maintain and administer your databases, so you can focus more on building your applications and worry less about database management.



Changer de jeu de caractères pour UTF-8 -

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Préparer l’internationalisation d’un site n’est pas une opération triviale, car dans la plupart des cas, elle nécessite de passer d’un jeu de caractères à un autre. Or, un site Web résulte d’un assemblage de plusieurs logiciels, où les questions de jeux de caractères apparaissent à chaque niveau. Cet article résume les différents points de la configuration d’un site « classique » dans le cadre de l’utilisation d’UTF-8.

MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: Comparaisons avec les sous-requêtes

Voici un exemple de comparaison classiques, pour lequel vous ne pouvez pas utiliser de jointure : trouvez toutes les valeurs de la table t1 qui sont égales au maximum de la valeur dans la table t2.


Sun Microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire MySQL, Developer of the World's Most Popular Open Source Database

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MySQL AB, an open source icon and developer of one of the world's fastest growing open source databases for approximately $1 billion in total consideration. The acquisition accelerates Sun's position in enterprise IT to now include the $15 billion database market. Today's announcement reaffirms Sun's position as the leading provider of platforms for the Web economy and its role as the largest commercial open source contributor.


PHP Apache MySQL avec WampServer 2 : installation PHP MySQL Apache

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Contrairement aux autres solutions, WampServer vous permet de reproduire fidélement votre serveur de production. Une fois la base installée, vous avez la possibilité d'ajouter autant de versions de Apache, MySQL et PHP que vous le souhaitez.



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Open Source Tagging / Folksonomy module for PHP/MySQL applications

Eclipse SQL Explorer

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Eclipse SQL Explorer is a thin SQL client that allows you to query and browse any JDBC compliant database. It supports plugins with specialized functionality for individual databases (Oracle, DB2 and MySQL) and can be extended to include specialized support for other databases.

TurboDbAdmin, presented by TurboAjax Group

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A single-page solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser. Edit data just like you would in a desktop application, without submit buttons or page refreshes.

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