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March 2013

BBC News - Don't like how a documentary ends? Change it

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Adventure game books - where readers could make decisions about what happened to the characters - formed a big part of childhood for many adults. Now it seems this is taking a technological leap forward.

November 2012

Bear Guerra | NEWS

Powerful web documentary about gang violence in Guatemala by Miquel Dewever-Plana & Isabelle Fougère.

October 2012

Submarine Channel | Free Your Screen

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Powerful Webdoc Upian’s newest webdoc, Alma: A Tale of Violence, is a heartbreaking and chilling story no matter which device you watch it on. Download the Alma app for the full sensory experience.

Alma: An Interactive History of Guatemala’s Violence - LightBox

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Working with a team of designers at the French creative studio Upian, Plana and Fougere, say they intended to create a final product—with a sensitive and innovative approach to a narrative— that would be interactive and accessible. The final product, which took two years to develop, is incredibly in-depth—allowing its audience to explore the story through the innovative web piece, two books and a film, all available in four languages.

Upian strikes back: Alma is out | i-docs

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I have felt as if someone had slapped me, and I wondered if it was necessary. I had doubts about such a hard impact style and about its possible migrations towards voyeurism. But now that I have finished watching I have the feeling it was tough, but at the same time subtle, respectful and loving. Upian has not used me for a sensational story. It has brought the story to me and allowed me to face reality by designing an environment that felt right for such eye opening. This is what I call a mature project: where strength, message, design, interface and media merge together to become immersive, informational and meaningful. I have been slapped, but I would do it again and it was worth it.