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Because Recollection.

Pour ses 10 ans, Because Music présente Because Recollection, une expérience musicale interactive. #BecauseRecollection #Because10years


The minimal-ui meta tag in iOS 7.1 | Adventures (in code)

iOS7 brings us yet another meta tag to use – minimal-ui. You might be able to guess what it does – it hides the majority of the browser chrome when you load, much like when you scroll:


Native style momentum scrolling to arrive in iOS 5 · Johan Brook

One of the biggest gripes of web apps in Mobile Safari comes to an end. In iOS 5 Beta 2, you are able to do this on an element with CSS: overflow: scroll; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; And the content inside that element should get native style momentum scroll. Just like any other app in iOS.

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