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Privacy Icons: Alpha Release « Aza on Design

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We are now ready to propose an alpha version of Privacy Icons that takes into account the feedback and participation we’ve received along the way. We’ve simplified the core set dramatically and tightened up the language. While the icons don’t touch on all topics, we do think they significantly move the discussion on privacy, as well as the general level of literacy about privacy, forward. We do not want to let perfection or devotion to taxonomy get in the way of the good.


iOS Icons in Pure CSS | Graphicpeel

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iOS Icons made in Pure CSS

Each one of these icons was rendered in nothing but CSS, no images. Viewed best in Safari 5 or Google Chrome.




For Webdesigners - 332 helpful links for webdesigners

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332 helpful links for webdesigners your ace up one's sleeve;)


Free Mini Icons

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Plus de 300 icones utilisables gratuitement. (14x14)

Bullet madness - 200 icones pour vos liste à puces

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Selection de 200 icones pour styler vos listes à puce.

E-Mail Icon Generator

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E-Mail Icon Generator For GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and many more!

Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator

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Générateur d'image de loading pour Ajax

Icônes - Elaboration

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Où trouver des icônes gratuites, ou mieux, libres de droits? Voilà une question qu'on se pose tous un jour... Tentative de réponse avec une liste de liens!


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