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MPEG-DASH vs. Apple HLS vs. Microsoft Smooth Streaming vs. Adobe HDS - bitcodin Video Encoding Service

All existing adaptive HTTP streaming technologies, such as the proprietary Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS), and the only international standardized solution MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) follow nearly the same principle.


HTTP Live Streaming Resources - Apple Developer

Send live or pre-recorded audio and video to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac using an ordinary web server. Designed for mobility, HTTP Live Streaming can dynamically adjust movie playback quality to match the available speed of wired or wireless networks. HTTP Live Streaming is great for delivering streaming media to an iOS app or HTML5-based website. Features HLS - HTTP Live Streaming Definitive Guide | Encoding Features

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HLS (HTTP Live Streaming): An Emerging Standard in Adaptive Bitrate Video

The State Of HTML5 Video

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HTML5 has entered the online video market, which is both exciting and challenging for developers in the industry. With the HTML5 specification and the various browser implementations in constant flux, we at LongTail Video spend a signficant amount of time understanding the limitations of the technology and optimizing our own products for HTML5.


video + canvas = magic | HTML5 Doctor

You’ve already learned about the video and canvas elements, but did you know that they were designed to be used together? In fact, the two elements are absolutely wondrous when you combine them! I’m going to show off a few super-simple demos using these two elements, which I hope will prompt cool future projects from you fellow web authors. (All of these demos work in every modern browser except Internet Explorer.)

Manipulating video using canvas | Mozilla Developer Network

By combining the capabilities of the video element with a canvas, you can manipulate video data in real time to incorporate a variety of visual effects to the video being displayed. This article, adapted from this blog post by Paul Rouget, demonstrates how to perform chroma-keying (also known as the "green screen effect") using JavaScript code.


Mozilla Popcorn | Making video work like the web

Popcorn makes video work like the web. We create tools and programs to help developers and authors create interactive pages that supplement video and audio with rich web content, allowing your creations to live and grow online.

Technical Note TN2224: Technical Note TN2224

This Technote discusses some best practices for creating and deploying HTTP Live Streaming Media for the iPhone and iPad.

MediaElement.js - HTML5 video player and audio player with Flash and Silverlight shims

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HTML5 video and audio made easy. One file. Any browser. Same UI.

4.8.6 The video element — HTML5

If the user agent can seek to anywhere in the media resource, e.g. because it is a simple movie file and the user agent and the server support HTTP Range requests, then the attribute would return an object with one range, whose start is the time of the first frame (the earliest possible position, typically zero), and whose end is the same as the time of the first frame plus the duration attribute's value (which would equal the time of the last frame, and might be positive Infinity).


YouTube : bilan décevant pour HTML5

Les développeurs de YouTube ont mis en ligne un long article qui tire un premier bilan de l'expérience HTML5, six mois après son lancement (lire YouTube se lance dans le HTML5).

La conclusion, pour l'heure, c'est que la technologie n'est pas encore en mesure de répondre à leurs besoins, pour diverses raisons dont ils donnent le détail.