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GreaseMonkey script : Google Analytics referers

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This user script add an external link to see referers on Google Analytics. This user script works in French & US English Google Analytics' language


The Best Greasemonkey Scripts - Firefox Facts

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Here are some of the best user scripts that you can use with Greasemonkey. If you are new to using the Firefox Greasemonkey extension, this is a great place to get started looking for scripts to help you get more out of the World Wide Web we live in.

Blogmarks encore mieux intégré à Google avec BlogmarksInGoogle 0.3 - Gastero Prod

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Recherchez sur Blogmarks et Google en même temps avec ce script pour l'extension gresemonkey de firefox qui affiche les résultats de blogmarks sur la page de google

2005 BlogmarksInGoogle

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This script – inspired by Goofd – adds to Google results page last marks, with same tags as terms searched in Google.

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