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July 2009

Official Google Blog: Google Latitude on your iPhone

Earlier this year we announced Google Latitude, a service that lets you and your friends share your locations with each other. You control who gets to see your location and where on the map you appear to others. Today, we're releasing Google Latitude for iPhone and iPod touch, available in the Safari browser.

February 2009

Google Latitude

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Localisez vos amis en temps réel ! Utilisez Google Latitude sur votre téléphone portable Localisez vos amis, consultez leur message personnel et publiez le vôtre.

Official Google Blog: See where your friends are with Google Latitude

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How often do you find yourself wondering where your friends are and what they're up to? It's a pretty central question to our daily social lives, and it's precisely the question you can now answer using Google Latitude.

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