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September 2010

The Firefox Input Button Line-Height Bug

Basically, Firefox is setting the line-height to “normal” on buttons and is enforcing this decision with an !important declaration. This is a frustrating decision on their part, particularly considering (as Eric Meyer has pointed out at great and detailed length), line-height: normal is anything but.

December 2009

StartupMaster :: Modules pour Firefox

Asks for the master password at startup (fixes multiple password prompt)

November 2009

October 2009

Getting multiple master password prompts when loading several tabs at startup

That issue has recently been fixed on the current trunk builds (Minefield 3.6a1), but not in Firefox 3.5.x

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16. Why does Firefox load my SWF twice?

Firefox 3 has a known issue that sometimes causes a swf to be 'double initialized'. The problem appears to be fixed in their codebase, but has not been released yet. See the following bugs for more details: bug 438830 and bug 445599.

Or, if you have "Disable cache" selected in your Firefox Web Developer Toolbar extension a double load will occur.

November 2008

Ecrans - Elections prud'homales : le bug du vote en ligne

Ce bug aurait pu être anecdotique si il ne donnait pas l’impression que Firefox n’était pas un navigateur sécurisé et fiable. « C’est notre réputation qui est mise à mal dans cette histoire. Et ça c’est très déplaisant. Nous sommes une association, notre existence dépend essentiellement de notre réputation. Et pas des budgets marketing de nos concurrents (Microsoft et Apple) », explique, un peu amer, Tristan Nitot, le président de Mozilla Europe, en contact avec ces collègues américains, déjà au courant de l’affaire.