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Software is hard | Eventbug (alpha) Released

This extension brings a new Events panel that lists all of the event handlers on the page grouped by event type. The panel also nicely integrates with other Firebug panels and allows to quickly find out, which HTML element is associated with specific event listener or see the Javascript source code.

FireScope - HTML Brains at your Fingertips

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FireScope is a Firefox add-on that integrates with Firebug, to extend it with reference material for HTML and CSS.


FirePHP - Firebug Extension for AJAX Development

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FirePHP enables you to print to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP function call.


FireBug 1.0 Beta : plus qu'une extension, un prodige ! - Le blog d'Aozeo

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La version 1 de l'extension FireBug pour Firefox est sortie, et on ne la reconnaît plus. En plus de l'adoption d'une licence libre, elle inclue un incroyable lot de nouveautés et va devenir rapidement indispensable.

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