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November 2008

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This series of online micro-docs broadcast daily from two war-ravaged Israel-Palestine border towns, should snuff out any lingering doubters of the Webdoc genre. The humour, resourcefulness, and resigned acceptance with which the twelve featured characters go about their daily lives provide a poignant contrast to the ‘suicide bombers vs snipers’ theme favoured by news reporters. An immediate, non-linear documentary experience which invites public discussion (case in point: the empassioned discussion on the related Facebook group), this visually striking project will no doubt open up the age-old conflict to curious, new audiences.

July 2008

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January 2008

Facebook | Front de Libération du Buzz

Le Front de Libération du Buzz représente les blogueurs de tout pays, de toute plateforme et de toute influence qui luttent contre les buzz au rabais, les buzz falsifiés... bref les buzz dans lesquels ils ne figurent pas !... :)