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fb-flo is a Chrome extension that lets you modify running apps without reloading. It's easy to integrate with your build system, dev environment, and can be used with your favorite editor.



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Floodwatch is a Chrome extension that tracks the ads you see as you browse the internet.


ipFlood :: Add-ons for Firefox

Simulate the use of a series of proxy changing at each new connection.


Firecookie :: Add-ons for Firefox

Cookie manager for Firebug. Firebug has to be installed in order to use this extension. Use this extension to create a new cookie, delete existing cookies, see list of cookies for current site, manage cookies permissions and a lot more.

203 - Firefox: la suite d'outils de tests d'intrusion contenait une backdoor

Un pirate informatique aurait réussi à introduire une extension frauduleuse contenant un backdoor (porte dérobée pour les anglophobes) au sein des modules mises à disposition par la fondation Mozilla, éditeur du navigateur Firefox.

Extension Blogmarks pour Firefox 3.6

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Comme à l'habitude, et après des heures de travail:

Merci Julie !!


StartupMaster :: Modules pour Firefox

Asks for the master password at startup (fixes multiple password prompt)

AutoAuth :: Add-ons for Firefox

AutoAuth automatically submits HTTP authentication dialogs when you’ve chosen to have the browser save your login information.

6 Killer Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Addicts


If you ask most Firefox (Firefox) fans the main reason they won’t switch to Chrome, a good majority of them will probably cite its lack of extensions. But that might change, because Chrome extensions are coming — perhaps soon. And for users of the developer’s build of Chrome, they’re already here. So for those of you brave enough to use the unstable developers release of Chrome, here are 6 extensions that social media addicts will want to install.

Software is hard | Eventbug (alpha) Released

This extension brings a new Events panel that lists all of the event handlers on the page grouped by event type. The panel also nicely integrates with other Firebug panels and allows to quickly find out, which HTML element is associated with specific event listener or see the Javascript source code.

Mozilla Labs Jetpack | Exploring new ways to extend and personalize the Web

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We're still very early in the design and development of Jetpack. The following are some of the guiding principles and ideas that we believe should influence its development.

Chromium Blog: Extensions at Google I/O

Today I gave a presentation at Google I/O explaining some of the cool ideas that lie at the heart of our upcoming extension system. For those who didn't get a chance to attend the conference, you can check out the slides, below:

FireScope - HTML Brains at your Fingertips

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FireScope is a Firefox add-on that integrates with Firebug, to extend it with reference material for HTML and CSS.


simile-seek - Google Code

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Extension to Thunderbird that adds faceted browsing features for more effective browsing and searching.

Capture Fox :: Firefox Add-ons

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You can capture your screen and record your sound to make videos (tutorials, e-lessons, etc.).


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Thunderbird Contact Sync for Google and Zimbra

Solaris Notes » System Proxy for Firefox and Thunderbird

System Proxy is an extension that enables Firefox and Thunderbird to read proxy settings from the Mac OS X System Preferences and be aware of network location changes. Perfect time saver!

FirePHP - Firebug Extension for AJAX Development

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FirePHP enables you to print to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP function call.

Extension Blogmarks pour Firefox 3

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Merci qui ? Julie !

Fonctionne dans Firefox 3 et inclut un nouveau bouton "Voir les marks de mes amis".

merci à Julie, j'attendais le patch...c'est super.