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Download Google Android Emulator

Do you want to test drive Google Android without having to buy a phone? Google SDK package allows developers to see all android features and let them use the whole interface.

BlackBerry - Smartphone Simulators

Use BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulators to view and test how BlackBerry® Device Software and the screen, keyboard and trackwheel/trackball will work with your application. With a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, you can run and debug applications as if they were on an actual BlackBerry smartphone.


ProtoFluid - HTML5 and CSS3 Web App Prototyping

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The ProtoFluid App

* Facilitates web app testing on various screen sizes, orientations and browsers.

* Lets you design for CSS3 compliant (mobile) browsers using Media Queries.

* Particularly suited to the early development of fluid layout based web applications.

* Use all your favourite web browser development tools (Firebug etc.)

* This approach is particularly relevant considering the upcoming tablet tsunami.

* Encourages modern design flexibility. No browser sniffing or user agent strings here!


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