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29 April 2015

New Docuseries Reveals How Big Data Tracks Your Every Move On The Internet | ThinkProgress

Do Not Track essentially co-opts the tools of entities that track you to demonstrate how tracking actually works. In doing so, the series gets at some of the biggest questions looming over your relationship with the internet: What does it mean to be tracked? What information are you volunteering without even realizing it? If you have “nothing to hide,” why should you care about big data at all? To find out, I called up Brett Gaylor, showrunner and director of Do Not Track.

23 April 2015

New interactive NFB doc watches the watchers online - Home | q | CBC Radio

Filmmaker and web developer Brett Gaylor wants you — yes, you specifically — to appreciate how your data is being tracked on the internet. His interactive, customizable NFB documentary Do Not Track, doesn't just tell you but expressly shows you just how sophisticated online surveillance has become.

22 April 2015

Do Not Track is a web doc bringing data-mining uncomfortably close to home - Kill Screen - Videogame Arts & Culture.

Immediately upon clicking the 'Play' button, Do Not Track let's me it knows where I live and that it's a nice day outside. Hunched over my laptop in my office chair, my body straightens, an unbidden eye glancing out the window. Creator of this seven-part web documentary on data mining, Brett Gaylor, narrates the invasion of your privacy throughout—very effectively making you grateful for the fact that, at the very least, advertising companies don't do voice-overs while mercilessly tracking your every online movement.

20 April 2015

Who Will Track the Internet Trackers? — The Atlantic

The documentary Do Not Track, a multi-part project on data privacy, is personalized to individual viewers based on their online behaviors.

Do Not Track: An Interactive Docu-Series Shows Just How Little Online Privacy We Really Have | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

An interactive series debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival's Storyscapes provides a personal demonstration of the realities of data and privacy.

14 April 2015

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