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December 2008

Project Deploy* | Choose, Bookmark, Deploy

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Deploy* is a free, open source, web application which allows user to quickly deploy a web project framework with valid XHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds.

November 2008

YouTube - Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Thanks to everyone who danced with me. Make sure to click "watch in high quality" right underneath the video.

October 2008


Website developed by Upian who work(s) from France.

September 2008

Interview de Daniel Glazman (chairman CSS working group W3C) -

Daniel Glazman est impliqué depuis 1991 dans le monde des standards et depuis 1994 dans celui du Web. Il a participé au HTML Working Group pour la standardisation de HTML 4 et au CSS Working Group pour CSS 2 et CSS 3. Sa société Disruptive Innovations est membre du World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) depuis 2006. Il est depuis peu co-chairman du CSS Working Group au W3C. Son rôle au W3C, ses compétences techniques hors-pair et son inaptitude totale à la pratique de la langue de bois nous ont donné envie de lui poser quelques questions sur l’avenir des feuilles de style. Interview.

August 2008

July 2008

IE PNG Fix - TwinHelix

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This script adds near-native PNG support with alpha opacity to IE 5.5 and 6. Now you can have full translucency and no more ugly grey borders! It requires only one line in your CSS file, and no changes to your website HTML. IMG tags and background images are both supported.

June 2008

CSS Sliding Door using only 1 image » Loon Design

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Before I know about this technique, I was using different images for each of the button I needed in a navigation bar. I found that it is not user friendly and also need more CSS coding. Besides, it is increasing the processing time and bandwidth in loading a site.

May 2008

Google Doctype - Google Code

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Google Doctype is an open encyclopedia and reference library. Written by web developers, for web developers. It includes articles on web security, JavaScript DOM manipulation, CSS tips and tricks, and more. The reference section includes a growing library of test cases for checking cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. | Timelapse CSS

As a proof of concept I cobbled together a (stylistically unsound) function to traverse the stylesheets of the current page (in reverse order) and remove a property from each rule every tenth of a second.

April 2008


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phpFreeChat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage. It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display the chat zone and the nickname zone. It supports multi-rooms (/join), private messages, moderation (/kick, /ban), customized themes based on CSS and plugins systems that allows you to write your own storage routines (ex: Mysql, IRC backends …), and you own chat commands !

February 2008

Website Performance | CSS Sprite Generator

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Les Sprites CSS sont un moyen de réduire le nombre de requêtes HTTP faites sur les ressources images de votre site. Les images sont regroupées en une seule grande image, et sont accessibles via leurs coordonnées X et Y au sein de l'image. En affectant l'image générée aux bons éléments de la page la propriété CSS background-position peut alors être utilisée afin de ne rendre visible que la zone cible de l'image Sprite.

January 2008

ie7-js - Google Code

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IE7 is a JavaScript library to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser. It fixes many HTML and CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6.

December 2007

47 Excellent Ajax CSS Forms

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Forms needs a solid visual structure, a profound hierarchy of form elements (Fields and Labels), powerful techniques and Functionality (AJAX) to make the form look and work creatively. There is a great bunch of creative, outstanding and individually designed from scratch forms. Thanks to AJAX, we can provide real-time feedback to our users using server-side validation scripts and eliminate the need for redundant validation functions and processing data. Let’s take a look, hopefully you’ll find new ideas you can develop further on your own.

November 2007

For Webdesigners - 332 helpful links for webdesigners

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332 helpful links for webdesigners your ace up one's sleeve;)