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Webplate is an awesome front-end framework that lets you stay focused on building your site or app all the while remaining really easy to use


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bounce.js lets you create tasty CSS3 powered animations in no time.

Owl Carousel

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.


Animate your HTML5

Animate your HTML5 with CSS3, SVG, Canvas and WebGL


Understanding the CSS3 Flexbox (Flexible Box Layout Module) - - blog of technology writer and web designer Ben Frain.

The contents of a flex container…can have their display order reversed or rearranged at the style layer (i.e., visual order can be independent of source and speech order)

Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect

A CSS-only slideshow with some background parallax effect

bartaz/impress.js · GitHub

It's a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind

Préfixes CSS : le pavé dans la mare - La tête dans le Flux !

Nous parvenons enfin au cœur du feuilleton : Opera a annoncé aujourd’hui qu’il allait implémenter très prochainement le préfixe -webkit- initialement “réservé” au moteur de rendu du même nom (sur son navigateur Opera Mobile dans un premier temps, puis sur l’ensemble de ses services).


10 Tools & Frameworks for Responsive Design | Fuel Your Coding

Like webfonts, responsive design wasn’t something you heard much about until CSS3 specs started making it into popular browsers. Now, it’s the cool thing to do, and for good reason — it means one site to maintain for all devices. But it’s also a really challenging approach to web design. In this article, we look at 10 tools that’ll help you handle the challenge.

CSS pointer-events to allow clicks on underlying elements - Robert's talk

Ever placed an element on top of another element, but wanted the one under to be clickable? Now it’s doable, with CSS pointer-events!

HTML5 tools, Animation tools - Adobe Edge Preview | Adobe Labs

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Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

text-overflow - MDN Docs

The text-overflow CSS property determines whether an ellipsis ("…") displays when text content has overflowed its given layout area. To force overflow to occur and ellipses to be applied, the author must apply some additional properties on the element. See example below.

Pure CSS3 Post Tags | Css Globe

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This is a rather simple pure CSS trick you can use to style your blog post tags, usually placed at the bottom of the posts. Pure CSS post tags uses at least 2 CSS tricks such as CSS triangles and CSS circles.

39 Ridiculous Things To Do With CSS3 Box Shadows | Viget Inspire

Box-shadow is a pretty powerful property in modern browsers. With just six little values, you can make some really neat stuff. How much neat stuff, you ask? To find out, I set a little time aside each day to play with it. The result is 39 ridiculous little experiments that, due to whatever issues, can only be viewed in Chrome 11 or better


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Modernizr is an open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites.

heygrady/transform - GitHub

This library uses native CSS3 transformations in supported browsers and relies on teh matrix filter in Internet Explorer 8 and below.

Du flou gaussien en CSS3 – HTeuMeuLeu

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TA-DAM ! A vous la gloire avec ce magnifique effet de flou. Pour un exemple d’utilisation concret, l’auteur initial de cet effet proposait un exemple de floutage du texte derrière une lightbox. Ou sinon vous pouvez activer l’effet de flou sur cette page, et essayer de rédiger un commentaire sans faire de fautes.