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How to optimize for legibility using text-rendering | Webdesigner Depot

The text-rendering property has four settings: auto: allows the browser to choose a setting itself optimizeSpeed: focuses on speed optimizeLegibility: focuses on advanced rendering geometricPrecision: precise rendering


Optimiser le rendu de @font-face : tout un programme ! – Clever Age, 100% digital

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Depuis quelques années, @font-face est devenu l’outil indispensable pour agrémenter une interface web de fontes exotiques. Mais comment expliquer les différences de rendu, parfois considérables, d’un navigateur et d’un OS à l’autre ? Penchons-nous sur la question.


-moz-font-feature-settings - MDC

The -moz-font-feature-settings CSS property allows control over advanced typographic features in OpenType fonts.

Quick Tip: Tuning Condensed Fonts with WebFont Loader « The Typekit Blog

In general, type sizes run a little bigger with condensed fonts; they take up less horizontal space so we tend to set them at larger sizes than we would a more normal font. But since there isn’t a condensed font among system fonts, we don’t have a comparable fallback option for browsers that don’t support @font-face, leaving us with oversized system fonts.

Fighting the @font-face FOUT « Paul Irish

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FOUT is what I'm calling the flash of unstyled text that you get while using @font-face in Firefox and Opera.

Font Squirrel | Download Hundreds of Free @font-face Fonts

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Download hundreds of prepackaged @font-face kits which

include four font formats, CSS and HTML code. See below for details.

Don't see what you need? Try our new @Font-Face Generator.

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