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Smart Bookmarks

Smart Bookmarks is a Firefox extension that allows you to create smart bookmarks that can access dynamic or hard-to-reach web pages, automate common tasks on the Web, and easily share dynamically-generated content.


Gestion et partage de favoris - Bookmarks . fr

by 12 others est un nouveau service, 100% français, de gestion et de partage de favoris.

Captive Bookmarks » Solo Technology

Blogmarks was able to import my BlinkList export. Had a few false starts last night (site was very unstable, I’m guessing I was trying this during a maintenance window).

Veille Perso - Toolbox

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Blogmarks already include the ability to import blinklist backup, but when I did tried it, some data from blinklist where missing so I built my own converter to be sure to don't loose anything stored in blinklist

Share Your OPML » Top 100 Feeds

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Partager ses flux rss préférés popular sites.

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This is my little contribution to a great project called If you don't know it, you can get more info here. I'm using since a lot of months ago and my browser homepage is the popular page.

Tristan Nitot, président de Mozilla Europe: «Firefox 2 fusionnera les fonctions d'historique et de signets» - Actualités -

Tristan Nitot décrit pour les principales fonctions du futur Firefox 2.0, dont l'objectif sera de faciliter la recherche dans les pages déjà visitées. Il commente également la percée du navigateur libre en entreprises.


Flock, le navigateur "social"

Flock, le navigateur "social"

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