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Firefox 4 beta 1 is here – what’s in it for web developers? ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

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Today we’re releasing the first beta-quality version of Firefox 4, which starts us down the path to a final release of Firefox 4. We’re handling this beta differently than we’ve done other releases. In previous betas we’ve made milestone-like releases. For this beta we’ll be making more frequent updates during the beta program

August 2009

Mozilla Developer News » Blog Archive » Firefox 3 about to get a major update


Starting a little later tonight, users with the latest version of Firefox 3 will be getting an offer to update to Firefox 3.5. If you’re running Firefox 3.0.13 you will see the offer in the next couple of days, though if you’re eager you can always “Check for Updates” in the “Help” menu.

June 2009

Answers and Questions » Blog Archive » Electrolysis: Making Mozilla Faster and More Stable Using Multiple Processes

We’re currently in the middle of stage one: Ben Turner and Chris Jones have borrowed the IPC message-passing and setup code from Chromium. We even have some very simple plugins loading across the process boundary! Most of the team is in Mountain View this week and we’re sprinting to see if we can implement a very basic tab in a separate process today and tomorrow.

January 2009

Mozilla Developer News » Blog Archive » Firefox users offered a free upgrade!

Earlier this month, Mozilla offered an update for all Firefox users - a free upgrade to Firefox 3.0.5, the very latest and best browser from Mozilla offering more speed, requiring less memory, and providing the safest and easiest web browsing experience available.