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18 August 2006

Hippocampe Studio : Création graphique et multimédia à Poitiers

De la communication papier, à la création de sites internet/extranet, cd-rom en passant par l'audiovisuel, la démarche d'HippocampeStudio est avant tout basée sur l'exigence technique et créative

The Best Greasemonkey Scripts - Firefox Facts

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Here are some of the best user scripts that you can use with Greasemonkey. If you are new to using the Firefox Greasemonkey extension, this is a great place to get started looking for scripts to help you get more out of the World Wide Web we live in.

17 August 2006

Media Photoshop Retouching

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The media world is becoming increasingly fixated on appearances. And the number of tricks used to achieve the increasingly exaggerated ideals is growing. Many models have plastic surgery and even more are retouched so they appear to have bigger breasts, smaller stomachs or fuller lips.

Un Japonais prenait son pied en filmant sous les kimonos avec une chaussure - Yahoo! Actualités

Une mini-caméra cachée dans sa chaussure filmait les sous-vêtements des jeunes filles et transmettait les images à un enregistreur vidéo situé dans le sac à dos du mateur via des fils courant le long de son pantalon.

0xDECAFBAD » optimized for thumbnailing

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Now that has made steps into the list of social bookmarking sites that render thumbnails of sites, it suddenly occurs to me: Will Web 3.0 sites be optimized for thumbnailing?

16 August 2006

rar host - free file hosting for .rar files!

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rarhost is a unique and original free file hosting storage service only for .rar files! for the uploader:
  • * host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends.
  • * 200mb size limit per .rar, split archives allowed with no upload limit.
for the downloader:
  • * view the contents of the archive before you download, ensuring it contains the files you want.
  • * advanced password support, no more downloading a .rar just to find out you need a password!

Google Analytics Blog: We're open! Instant access now available

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Google analytics n'est plus sur invitation ! Tout le monde peux ouvrir un compte...

15 August 2006

Official Google Blog: A better way to organize photos?

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Neven Vision comes to Google with deep technology and expertise around automatically extracting information from a photo. It could be as simple as detecting whether or not a photo contains a person, or, one day, as complex as recognizing people, places, and objects.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Finally (Almost): AllPeers

The company won’t say when they are launching, but they’ve been bleeding in beta users for a few weeks and the date is clearly not that far away.

Linux Users Group - Oregon State University

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Constructed by local Firefox fans and the same team that created the Firefox mural from cornstarch and kool-aid and launched the Firefox weather balloon, the Firefox Crop Circle project shows that we have so much passion for Firefox that we want it to be visible from space!

AOL Pictures - Welcome

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AOL Pictures is your FREE One-Stop Photo Service.
  • * Manage your photos easily and securely.
  • * Enjoy free, unlimited storage of all your full-size photos.
  • * Upload from your camera, mobile device or PC with 1-click.
  • * Create & share private albums or public galleries.
  • * Edit your pictures to remove red-eye, brighten and more.
  • * Order prints for home delivery or 1-hour pickup at Walgreens.

Avatar southpark

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Créez votre propre avatar SOuthPark

Hacks CSS en français

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Filtrage navigateur et autres hacks CSS...

Spiffy Corners - CSS rounded corners generator

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Spiffy Corners est un générateur de code CSS et HTML pour créer des DIV aux bords arrondis sans utilisation de propriétés propriétaires (-moz-border-radius) ni propriétés de niveau 3 (border-radius), bref compatible tout navigateur!

PXN8 - Editeur d'image en ligne

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Pratique quand vous n'avez pas sous la main de logiciel d'édition d'image !

Free Mini Icons

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Plus de 300 icones utilisables gratuitement. (14x14)

Inknoise - Pure CSS rollover Generator

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Générateur en ligne de rollover CSS avec une seule image (technique des sliding doors)

TheBoxOffice - CSS Text wrap generator

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Permet de générer le code XHTML et CSS pour qu'un texte contourne une image.

Online Image Splitter

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Service en ligne qui permet de découper votre image en plusieurs parties et d'appliquer un effet de rollover sur chaque partie.

Bullet madness - 200 icones pour vos liste à puces

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Selection de 200 icones pour styler vos listes à puce.

Nifty corners cube

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Librairie javascript permettant d'arrondir les angles... des div ;-)

Bookmarklet - Remove Children

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Bookmarklet pour MSIE6 permettant de supprimer des éléments DOM par click.