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02 November 2015

Upgrading apps to Angular 2 using ngUpgrade

Upgrading an existing AngularJS application to Angular 2 is surely one of the most interesting topics when it comes to Angular 2. A long time it has been unclear what a dedicated upgrade path will actually look like, since Angular 2 is still in alpha state and APIs aren’t stable yet, which makes it hard to “assume” where things will go and what’s the best way to get there.

30 October 2015

Fabien Potencier (SensioLabs) : "PHP 7 est à la hauteur de ce que j'attendais" - JDN

Le créateur du framework PHP Symfony est très satisfait des dernières évolutions du langage PHP. Fabien Potencier envisage aussi une levée de fonds aux Etats-Unis.

Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites

Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. No more databases, comment moderation, or pesky updates to install—just your content.

29 October 2015

Why You May Not Want To Run Your Own Mail Server | DigitalOcean

When setting up a web site or application under your own domain, it is likely that you will also want a mail server to handle the domain's incoming and outgoing email. While it is possible to run your own mail server, it is often not the best option for a variety of reasons. This guide will cover many of the reasons that you may not want to run your own mail server, and offer a few alternatives.

App Isomorphic: la Single Page App parfaite ? – TechM6Web

Les Frameworks type AngularJs et EmberJs tiennent le haut du panier et ont largement fait leurs preuves, mais ils continuent à échouer sur deux sujets pourtant primordiaux dans beaucoup de cas : La performance (dont le rendu initial) Le référencement

SSleuth :: Add-ons for Firefox

How strong is your HTTPS connection? SSleuth ranks an established SSL/TLS connection and gives a brief summary of the cipher suite, certificate and other SSL/TLS parameters.

Coloring SVGs in CSS Background Images by Noah Blon on CodePen

I love using SVG in CSS background images but it sucks that you can't alter the fill color easily within your CSS. Here are a few ways around that.

The Shapes of CSS

All of the below use only a single HTML element. Any kind of CSS goes, as long as it's supported in at least one browser.

PayCar | Le paiement sécurisé de votre voiture d'occasion

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L'alternative simple et sécurisée au chèque de banque

28 October 2015

Howto: One time migration from SVN to GitLab with non-standard SVN layout | Igor's Blog

I've finally got around to moving the SVN repository that supports all the source code for this blog to Git, specifically GitLab. There were a few hurdles and I came across and many existing articles were useful but didn't quite address my specific case.

27 October 2015

ServiceWorker: Revolution of the Web Platform

While not the most amusingly named feature of the web platform, everything seems to point at ServiceWorker being the most significant addition to the web platform since the introduction of AJAX – over 10 years ago. Not to be confused with WebWorker (used to offload intense compute operations onto another execution thread), ServiceWorker allows you to intercept (and hijack) network requests originating from your site before they’re even dispatched. This article explores how it works, what it means and what it enables, and how you can implement it by following a case study.

26 October 2015

Barre des tâches et menu Démarrer bloqués sur Windows 10 - Le Crabe Info

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Après la mise à jour vers Windows 10, beaucoup d’entre vous se retrouvent avec la barre des tâches de Windows 10 complètement bloquée ! Impossible donc d’utiliser le bouton Démarrer, la barre de recherche Cortana, la zone de notifications et les différents boutons de la barre des tâches… Heureusement, deux solutions ont été trouvées pour corriger ce problème !

23 October 2015

lavab/disposable · GitHub

This is a simple, auto-updating (sort of) list of domains of temporary (or disposable) mailboxes.

Miximum – La veille techno pour les vieux croûtons

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J'ai bien aimé cette présentation à Paris Web. Illustrations top !

The Digital News Initiative – Google

The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a collaboration between Google and news publishers in Europe to support high quality journalism and encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation.

20 October 2015

Simple Icons

124 SVG icons for popular brands

19 October 2015

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Deprecating our AJAX crawling scheme

Times have changed. Today, as long as you're not blocking Googlebot from crawling your JavaScript or CSS files, we are generally able to render and understand your web pages like modern browsers. To reflect this improvement, we recently updated our technical Webmaster Guidelines to recommend against disallowing Googlebot from crawling your site's CSS or JS files.

16 October 2015

jwagner/smartcrop.js · GitHub

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Smartcrop.js implements an algorithm to find good crops for images.

14 October 2015

Email Delivery & Transactional Email Service | SendGrid

Delivering your transactional and marketing email through one reliable platform.

Cosmic JS | Cloud-Hosted Content Management Platform, API-First CMS

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Cosmic JS is a cloud-hosted content platform that makes it easy to add dynamic content to any website or app.

12 October 2015

Bons Robots, Mauvais Robots : un intense trafic - François Hodierne - Paris Web 2015

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Aujourd'hui, je vais vous parler des robots ! Et comme nous sommes à Paris Web, c'est donc bel et bien plus précisément des robots web dont il va s'agir. Alors qu'est-ce que j'entends par robots ? Tout agent qui utilise le protocole HTTP
 d'une manière plus ou moins automatisée. Ou dit autrement, tout ce qui n’est pas un navigateur sous le contrôle direct d’un utilisateur.

07 October 2015


Intention.js offers a light-weight and clear way to dynamically restructure HTML in a responsive manner. Easily increase layout options and flexibility, reduce development time and lessen dependence on media-query-driven stylesheet overrides.

02 October 2015

Do Not Track et In Limbo : le webdoc sur mesure | FMC Veille

Analyse de deux webdocumentaires réalisés en coproduction avec la France, le Canada et l’Allemagne qui utilisent les données personnelles de l’auditoire pour adapter le contenu de l’œuvre.

23 September 2015

Loco - Translation Management System

Loco takes the pain away from developing multi‑language apps.