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03 February 2015

WordPress › Disable XML-RPC Pingback « WordPress Plugins

Stops abuse of your site's XML-RPC by simply removing some methods used by attackers. While you can use the rest of XML-RPC methods.

30 January 2015

scottjehl/picturefill · GitHub

A responsive image polyfill for picture, srcset, sizes, and more

29 January 2015

Dans Chrome, un site HTTP sera marqué non sécurisé

Comme vous le savez, Google pousse tout le monde à passer son site en HTTPS. La dernière trouvaille est que Chrome affiche un avertissement pour les sites en HTTP, indiquant qu'ils ne sont pas sécurisés...

is.js - micro check library

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Check types, regexps, presence, time and more

Hook.js - Pull to refresh. For the web.

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We love that neat little "pull to refresh" feature on our devices, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was for the web? Well, that's what Hook is here to do. We took a concept from mobile phones and tablets and made it work for the web. Try it out: Simply scroll down a bit, and then back up to the top. Bam! You've just Hooked for the first time on the web. Download it below.

28 January 2015

AnalogJ/matchmedia-ng · GitHub

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matchmedia-ng is a set of AngularJS bindings and helper functions for the matchMedia javascript api. With matchMedia, AngularJS and matchmedia-ng you can automatically respond to the orientation, browser height, width and other properties supported by CSS Media Queries.

gmaps.js — Google Maps API with less pain and more fun

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gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive documentation or large amount of code.

segmentio/nightmare · GitHub

Nightmare is a high level wrapper for PhantomJS that lets you automate browser tasks.

Framework7 - Full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS Apps

Full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS Apps

23 January 2015

Sentiment Analysis | AlchemyAPI

Sentiment is the attitude, opinion or feeling toward something, such as a person, organization, product or location. AlchemyAPI's sentiment analysis API provides easy-to-use mechanisms to identify the positive or negative sentiment within any document or webpage.

21 January 2015

20 January 2015

Comment « Le Monde » a été piraté par l'Armée électronique syrienne

Ces derniers jours, nos infrastructures et nos journalistes ont été victimes d'une attaque informatique élaborée.

16 January 2015

Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...

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Generate the favicon pictures and HTML code that work on all major browsers and platforms

12 January 2015

TheaterJS, a typing effect mimicking human behavior.

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With TheaterJS you can have typing effects that mimic human behavior

05 January 2015


Create a SVG/TTF/EOT/WOFF font from several SVG icons with Gulp.

24 December 2014

FF Subsetter - Optimize your Web FontFont

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Web FontFonts are built to serve most people’s needs, and often contain a huge number of glyphs. Yet most of the time you’ll only need a few of them! By dropping what you don’t need, you can greatly reduce the font file size to optimize bandwidth usage, make your websites faster, and reduce high-traffic costs.

Roadiz modern CMS — Hit the road

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Roadiz is a modern CMS based on a node system which can handle many types of services. Based on Symfony components and Doctrine ORM, it allows you to create your data schema from scratch and to organise your content as you want.

23 December 2014

L’intégration d’e-mails responsive – HTeuMeuLeu

Ces derniers mois, j'ai eu la chance de travailler à plusieurs reprises sur l'intégration d'e-mails responsive. C'est un sujet particulièrement intéressant qui rapproche des technologies préhistoriques (mise en page en tableaux, support CSS archaïque) avec des concepts modernes (du responsive design). C'est un peu comme si un scientifique fou décidait de resusciter des dinosaures.

22 December 2014

19 December 2014

GreenSock | GSAP

GSAP is a suite of tools for scripted, high-performance HTML5 animations that work in all major browsers. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, API efficiency, and tight control. Stop wrestling with cumbersome CSS animations, stuttery jQuery.animate() calls, or a system that limits your creativity. Use animation to tell a story in a rich way rather than settling for a few fades and slides. Animating with code may seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry, our platform was engineered to make it simple and intuitive.