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October 2015


Intention.js offers a light-weight and clear way to dynamically restructure HTML in a responsive manner. Easily increase layout options and flexibility, reduce development time and lessen dependence on media-query-driven stylesheet overrides.

Do Not Track et In Limbo : le webdoc sur mesure | FMC Veille

Analyse de deux webdocumentaires réalisés en coproduction avec la France, le Canada et l’Allemagne qui utilisent les données personnelles de l’auditoire pour adapter le contenu de l’œuvre.

September 2015

Loco - Translation Management System

Loco takes the pain away from developing multi‑language apps.

Zanata | Open translation, for everyone.

Zanata is a web-based system for translators, content creators and developers to manage localisation projects.

svg/svgo · GitHub

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Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.


Flickity makes galleries, sliders, & carousels that feel lively and effortless.

Gearman fait son job

Gearman est un service de «pool request». Il reçoit d’un côté les demandes de traitement à faire (jobs) et transmet les ordres d’exécution aux workers qui réaliseront la tâche demandée.


cURL is a powerful tool, but its syntax can be very confusing for the occasional user. I’ve used cURL sporadically over the last few years, and each time I began using it, I had to re-google “how to use cURL”. The syntax is not intuitive for me. If you like to use cURL occasionally, HTTPie will help you get started faster, and improve the readability of your code.

Sécurité : les responsables IT hésitent... Revenir aux fondamentaux ?

Un tiers des décideurs IT doutent de l'efficacité de leur dispositif sécurité. En particulier, c'est la sécurité périmétrique qui présenterait de sérieuses lacunes. Parmi les dispositions à prendre, le retour à des procédures de chiffrement serait prioritaire.


CSS for vector based country flags!

cmderdev/cmder · GitHub

Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over absence of usable console emulator on Windows. It is based on ConEmu with major config overhaul. Monokai color scheme, amazing clink and custom prompt layout.

August 2015


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The first responsive front-end framework based on AngularJS & Google Material Design specifications.

Quand Arte veut « résister » aux géants du Web

Et de s’enorgueillir d’avoir diffusé au printemps la série documentaire « Do not track », consacrée à la traçabilité numérique : « Grâce à cette série, Arte contribue à une meilleure connaissance et à une meilleure maîtrise par le citoyen de l’utilisation qui est faite de ses données personnelles. »

Advanced CSS filters - Vincent De Oliveira

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Back in 2011, browsers started to implement CSS shorthand filters from the Filter Effects specification. Basically, at this time, only SVG filters were supported, and Firefox was the only browser that can apply them to HTML content (it's mainly still the case).

July 2015

ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost

”I want to expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.”

Bodymovin : un plugin qui transforme vos animations After Effets en SVG + JS

Grâce à un plugin conçu par Hernan Torrisi nommé Bodymovin, vous allez pouvoir exporter vos animation After Effects en SVG + Javascript.

Sorting Algorithm Animations

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These pages show 8 different sorting algorithms on 4 different initial conditions.

Developers are exposing their Git directories to the world

Jamie Brown, a developer, wrote on his blog that 1 in every 600 websites has its .git folder exposed to the world.It’s a rookie mistake to make when you deploy a site.

Making things move

Making things move When you are a front-end developer

June 2015


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Atom is a text editor that's modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file.

GitLab Flow | GitLab

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Version management with git makes branching and merging much easier than older versioning systems such as SVN. This allows a wide variety of branching strategies and workflows. Almost all of these are an improvement over the methods used before git. But many organizations end up with a workflow that is not clearly defined, overly complex or not integrated with issue tracking systems. Therefore we propose the GitLab flow as clearly defined set of best practices. It combines feature driven development and feature branches with issue tracking.