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NETTUTS - Web development tutorials and links - Spoonfed Web Tutorials

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NETTUTS is a blog/tutorial site aimed at web designers. We run tutorials on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. We cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, Simpler Development Examples in PHP and Ruby on Rails, a


[brothercake] Ultimate Drop Down Menu

Ultimate Drop Down Menu (UDM) is a fully-featured and accessible DHTML menu, that provides useable content to all browsers - including screenreaders, search-engines and text-only browsers. Released in January 2004, UDM was the worl

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

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XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks. In recent years, blogs and blogrolls have become the fastest growing area of the Web. XFN enables web authors to indicate their relationship(s) to the people

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

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S5 is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With one file, you can run a complete slide show and have a printer-friendly version as well. The markup used for the slides is very simple, highly semantic, and completely accessible


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