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25 March 2008 Jahshaka

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Jahshaka is a video and film compositing, editing and special fx system that uses OpenGL & OpenML hardware rendering to give operators real time interactivity. The system is cross platform, and also includes full CG, paint and image processing modules.

22 March 2008

17 March 2008

SXSW on the ground

mobile experiment with ... mobile personal broadcasting . . . you choose the questions and you pick the people to talk to

DIY, lifehack, wondercon — The gals play with fire! — popSiren — Revision3

ReadyMade's Jen Trolio shows Jessica how to make comic book stationary from scratch! Sarah gets organized online and Dr. Kiki teaches you how to make fire with sound waves. Neha Tiwari investigates what turned nerd into the cool kid at WonderCon and Heath

26 January 2008


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cool video podcasts, real stiff competition for podshow