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January 2008

December 2007


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antivirus program reviews and comparisons, heard about this from chief twit Leo

Convert files and data online

No need to install anything on your computer. Use the easy upload interface to convert your file. Your original file will not be affected, and you can choose your own file name for the converted file which will instantly download to your computer.

June 2007

Youtube Remixer

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really easy to use online video editing tube... edit your youtube videos! nice! cool!

May 2007

VMware Converter for workstation to virtual pc and virtual machine migration: VMware - VMware

VMware Converter can be run on a wide variety of hardware and supports most commonly used versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems. With this robust, enterprise class migration tool you can

April 2007

I love my new Mac (list of cool utilities from Twitter) « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger

I asked the 2500+ people following me on Twitter what their ideas were for me to load up and in just the first minute got dozens of suggestions. Here’s some of the first:

October 2006

Windows Inventory

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Do you want to know exactly what hardware is in your PCs ? What software is installed ? What are the Serial Numbers ? When was it installed ? What "Other" devices are out there on your network ? Windows Inventory could be just what you need. All data i

January 2006

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