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February 2008

Network Camera Model IK-WB15A - Toshiba

The Toshiba IK-WB15A IP Network Camera captures live, high-resolution video that is viewable anywhere in the world through a standard web browser. It is the perfect tool for surveillance, business, entertainment, web site broadcasting and more.

October 2007

WyldRyde IRC Network - Add a Chatroom To Your Web Site

"This is actually what Lockergnome is using...we're using the WyldRyde IRC Network...we've got a nice little Java applet that pops up in the browser window...Its fantastic, I would consider using virtually no other chat software at this point. It works!

Geekbrief.TV - Streaming Live Online

Cali Lewis is using ThunderIT ... Wyldryde IRCOps and Chris Pirillo is helping her out... talked to her about a nightclub gig in Austin, TX

The Web Profile Aggregators : Somewhat Frank :: web 2.0 ● technology ● life :: blog by Frank Gruber

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Several products have emerged in an effort to help users better manage and display all of their profiles in one place. This article will showcase these web profile aggregators more closely as we look to unify our online identities & stay updated

August 2007

EVDO info, EV-DO Coverage, Tips, News, Reviews, Verizon, Sprint :

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Merlin EX720 and MacBook Pro won't work out of the box but these folks have a kit to make it work and have free phone support

July 2007

multiple simultaneous and ustream feeds with selective volume control. Mashup. Starring justin, ijustine, ited, loveless, melinus, parrisharris, sarah, ggjeffy, nekomimi_lisa, nakedcowboy, iknowdan, ramsey, kotaku, badassjess, austincast

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