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May 2008


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What has been listened to and shared today no Twitter . . .

April 2008

Twitter Spy

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fascinating but not totally useful, just added filtering to this twitter real time display. Scratch that, this is *very* useful for it's real time display of the public timeline.

TwittEarth :: Live Twitts all over the world

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startling 3D view of the twitter planet, when will Starbuck find this place?`

March 2008

Welcome to GeekyMomma's Blog: I'd Like To Thank My Producers, Mom & Dad!

In a follow-up post, I encouraged others outside our Twitter edtech network to join and today, Paul Terry Walhus (twitter @springnet) contacted me because he not only wanted to duplicate the concept for his SXSW network but he wanted to interview me (ME!,

February 2008


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While we have awesome tools like TwitterVision and TwitterMap that show you where people are Tweeting from, there isn't an easy way to subscribe to Tweets coming from a certain area...until now.


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Enter a word to graph its use on twitter's public feed To add more than one plot, separate your words with spaces.

July 2007

Twitterlicious - Mobile Clipping

Twitterlicious is a mashup of Twitter,, and

Twittercal — tweet your google calendar

by 3 others is a free service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar. Add events from your Twitter client. Follow the 5 steps procedure to get started.

Remember The Milk - Services / Remember The Milk for Twitter

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Add rtm as your friend, and you can add and interact with your tasks by direct message (and get reminders too!).

supposed to be a great twitter app but right now it's got me stumped. Tweet me if you know how this thing works. I'm a big delicious user too * the mystery app! * - 753 people sent 2763 messages to Twitter!

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How TwitterMail works When you give us your Twitter credentials we supply you with a TwitterMail email address. For instance If you send an email to that address it will be posted to

TwitterGram: Home

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A TwitterGram has a title and a small MP3 file. The title explains the gram, it must be no longer than 75 characters, to allow room for the URL of the MP3, which is about 50 characters.

June 2007


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post to twitter from

Flußgeist / L'attente / waiting (2007) Gregory Chatonsky

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weirdest, strangest twitter mashup of all. mixes videos, photos, music and twitter .... strangely fascinating

May 2007

Twitter Hacks

TwitKu lets you post to either or both at the same time. Slick, now lets see someone do that in a client!

Twittervision 3D

twittervision on a 3d map of the earth. beyond cool. incredible.


post to twitter jaiku and your blog at the same time using jott

April 2007

#!/usr/bin/geek: 79 Links That Rock Twitter! What are you doing?

I've compiled this list of Twitter programs, clients, scripts, and web sites that take Twitter even further.

Micro Persuasion: A Basic Twitter Search Engine

Using Google Co-op I created a simple search engine that scours Twitter. Feel free to improve on it.

Christopher S. Penn » Blog Archive » How to make custom Twitter groups

How to make custom Twitter groups Using Yahoo! Pipes to filter Twitter. (tags: twitter yahoo pipes sms mashup)

March 2007

TwitterBuzz - The most popular links on Twitter - URL Popularity

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TwitterBuzz shows you what people using Twitter, a microblogging service, are linking to. It's updated constantly. The default view shows the most popular links over the last day. Normal service has now been restored. More features coming soon.