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March 2008 | Home

by 10 others is a simple service that cuts out the middle man when it comes to posting to your social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr and Pownce with more being added soon.

February 2008

HelloTxt - Home

by 6 others
post simultaneously to twitter, jaiku, pownce, plaxo, facebook, tumblr and a bunch more

July 2007

May 2007

Twitter Hacks

TwitKu lets you post to either or both at the same time. Slick, now lets see someone do that in a client!


post to twitter jaiku and your blog at the same time using jott

April 2007

IMified - Instant Productivity

by 8 others
lets you post to twitter and jaiku at the same time. Uses gmail instant messenger.

spinuzzi: Joi Ito on Jaiku vs. Twitter

I surfed over to annd spent a few seconds looking at the big map on their homepage, the one that looks like Twittervision, in which new messages show up on the globe as they're posted.