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June 2008

Summarized SEO Tips from SMX Advanced - Part 2 - Search Engine Guide Blog

The SEO panel provided a few examples of the great widgets and applications they use to make their life easier. Here are a few, including my own favorites: * SERPH: track the ‘buzz’ of yourself and your competitors using this handy social search

May 2008

NETTUTS - Web development tutorials and links - Spoonfed Web Tutorials

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NETTUTS is a blog/tutorial site aimed at web designers. We run tutorials on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. We cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, Simpler Development Examples in PHP and Ruby on Rails, a

March 2008

Twitter Tools, Tweaks and Theories: TypePad Hacks

reviews of 26 powerful tools you can use to make Twitter do all kinds of groovy things

Tables Turned

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Audibot™ is an Linux-based audio device that Tables Turned distributes to radio stations and music venues. Connect it to an audio source and it automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3 recordings to any website.

February 2008 :: CLI Magic: Linux troubleshooting tools 101

When something goes wrong with your Linux-based system, you can try to diagnose it yourself with the many troubleshooting tools bundled with the operating system. Knowing about these tools, and how to effectively use them, can help you overcome many of th

Linkwad :: Firefox Add-ons

Linkwad lets you save and restore tabbed browsing sessions called wads. Wads can be shared and accessed from any computer. You can also share your "wads".

January 2008

Lijit | Home

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I saw this on Veronica Belmont's blog... it's a custom search for your blog using google,, etc.

December 2007

Twitter Groups!

Twitter Groups allows you to tag your followers into different groups. Then you can send a message to those groups without needing to send the message to each person one at a time!

Great Link Building Tips & Link Popularity Tools

Search engines can not determine the quality of a document without feedback. To date, linkage data from across the web has been the best form of feedback for the major search engines to use. Search engines may use other feedback

Convert files and data online

No need to install anything on your computer. Use the easy upload interface to convert your file. Your original file will not be affected, and you can choose your own file name for the converted file which will instantly download to your computer.

November 2007

Top 100 Tools for Learning

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TOP 100 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2007 By Popularity

October 2007

Open Source Web Design Templates & Tools | Lifehacker

The open source is a great way to implement the newest ideas and latest concepts into design.

More than 100 Web 2.0 Online Generators

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Here the list of online generators specifically for web 2.0 design: enjoy it!

September 2007

Simple todo list and task manager: Todoist

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Todoist features a simple and intuitive interface that helps you get organized without getting in your way. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to achieve blazing efficiency.

July 2007

Boing Boing: SeeqPod for iPhone plays MP3s scraped from the web

SeeqPod has developed a custom version of its MP3 searching technology that autodetects iPhones. The service looks for MP3 files on the Web and lets you play them on your computer or iPhone.

Database Zone » Top 10 free MySQL tools

Here are some of the best free MySQL tools out there. The description is not my review of the product, it is just what the developers say about their tools. If you know some other good ones, you can drop a comment.

Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources

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monster list of 70+ tools and resources for podcasters and wannabes.

June 2007

PHP MySQL WizzyWeb

WizzyWeb is a Web-based rapid application development (RAD) tool for creating PHP Web database applications for all popular databases, (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, IBM, etc.)

Video Editing 2.0: 8 Ways to Remix Online Videos

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There are a bunch of other online video editing tools, and we'll take a brief look at some of them below (though again, don't expect Avid).

Youtube Remixer

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really easy to use online video editing tube... edit your youtube videos! nice! cool!

May 2007

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