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May 2008

Pixel Currents » Portfolio

Pixel Currents. It’s a WordPress theme adapted for content management. The power of WordPress is how flexible it is. It can be used for projects from a simple blog to a full-fledged business site, even for e-commerce.

April 2008


great group of themes, uses this theme.

March 2008

WP Themes at - WP themes and related resources.

A new Word Press theme has been launched recently, made free by Elegant Directory & AllinfoDir Web Directory. Theme has been called as Trendy; highlighting property of this theme is its decent and elegant look with 3 columns view and with integrated Adsen

45+ Must See WordPress themes

This is the second article in the four-part series, "Powerful guide to master Your WordPress". We are taking a look at some quality outstanding Free and premium WordPress themes, which have been released over the last few months.

SEO for your Wordpress Blog

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This plugin is streamlined for some best practices for Wordpress SEO. While it gives you many options the defaults reflect the settings I recommend using.

Darren Hoyt Dot Com » Blog

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Premium Themes Should Advance the Wordpress Community

Performancing WordPress Themes » The world’s best free wordpress themes

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themes for wordpress: college, tis the season redbook and performancing (very nice)

Silhouette WordPress Theme

some of the best wordpress themes like revolution and silhouette, tapestry, vertigo, dropshadow and downtown java. Excellence!

February 2008

Open Source Templates | Free CSS and XHTML Website Templates

by 24 others
Welcome to the best free css and xhtml open source template design showcase where the community gets to pick the best designs to be showcased on the front page.

January 2008

Cutline - Links Menu

great wordpress theme, I'm using this on and other blogs

December 2007

Portfolio :: Pragya Web Solutions

free themes for blogs... this is the theme that john dvorak uses on

October 2007

Open Source Web Design Templates & Tools | Lifehacker

The open source is a great way to implement the newest ideas and latest concepts into design.

July 2007

The Sandbox ·

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The Sandbox is a theme for themers. It has the ability to be easily skinned, so beginners will feel comfortable styling it since they only need to know CSS.

February 2007

December 2006 » Adsense ready Wordpress themes

Here is another wordpress theme modified to include adunits, adlinks and google sitesearch. The theme is based on Green boqpod (?) from Hardi P. I liked the theme as soon as I saw it and was delighted to find that Hardi P had included .psd filed for the h

» WordPress Theme Blix with Google AdSense

This is my first released WordPress theme, it’s Blix with Google AdSense ads added in what I’ve found the best locations for maximum ad revenue. This took quite a lot of effort to get working, but I think it was worth it.

Themes ·

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These themes below work with WordPress 2.0+ and are free to use, modify, destory, etc., with the hopes that my original design credit will remain. If you like my themes, and if they perhaps make your life just a little bit nicer, please consider donating.

October 2006

May 2006

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