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March 2008


Scoble's new venture after podtech... great time at sxsw in Austin w Scoble and friends at Salt Lick BBQ

Daily Idea

There are many schools of thought when it comes to getting rich. And our cracked staff of researchers at The Daily Idea flunked out of four of them. But they’re still qualified to survey the landscape of trust fund babies, over-paid celebs and lotto win

January 2008

Jane Austen on PBS --- PVS / PBS and Public Television videos and DVDs

Masterpiee the complete Jane Austen airing on PBS January through April 2008

August 2007

AppleTV Flash Mashup

fantastic video mashup... very compelling design and look feel.... cool

June 2007

TV Links | Movie Links | Video Lemon

Search for any TV Show, Movie, User Video, Torrent File, Music Video, Radio or TV Station...

January 2007

July 2006

Channel King - Free Internet TV Channels

by 3 others
amazing set of embedded video links to all the major networks and cable channels.

Artec T14A USB TV Tuner: HDTV on a Laptop - Gizmodo

Plug the Artec T14A USB TV Tuner into your laptop, install the software and you're watching HDTV. All of a sudden you've bypassed buying an HDTV, setting up an HD cable box or anything else. Using its included antenna, it pulls in over-the-air HDTV broadc

Channelchooser :: pick click play internet TV-channels

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all the major streaming tv channels in one place...bbs, comedy central, sci fi, much more

April 2006

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