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25 September 2006 04:00

Jake's QMail Stuff

I use the QMail-Toaster flavor of QMail. This is a package of QMail maintained by Nick Hemmesch, which is geared toward making the setup and install of a QMail mail server a little easier. The official site for QMail-Toaster is here. I liked the way thing

25 September 2006 00:00

Spam throttling for qmail

The idea of spam throttling came about after would-be spammers were easily circumventing (classic) tarpitting. A reasonable recipient limit in tarpitting must not adversely affect acceptable mail usage, so spam clients typically create multiple SMTP conne

24 September 2006 23:00


This python script is a simple tool to remove email from a Qmail mail queue that has a certain pattern of text within it. It was designed to be fast and non-destructive. I built this script when I was working at eGroups. All you need is Python, and most L

Linux notebook / qmail

excellent coverage of trigger pipes, queue, smtp and much more

qSheff - Opensource Antivirus & Antispam and content filter solution for qmail

qSheff is a wrapper for the qmail queue that scans email for viruses and spam. Infected messages are rejected before they reach the queue, so the server doesn't perform any job for them. After checking the message, it will wake the qmail queue.

qpsmtpd - Develooper LLC

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qpsmtpd is a flexible smtpd daemon written in Perl. Apart from the core SMTP features, all functionality is implemented in small "extension plugins" using the easy to use object oriented plugin API.

Selective relaying with tcpserver and qmail-smtpd

What we'd like to do is allow mail relaying from a selected group of IP addresses only. If you've just been reading the qmail newbie's guide to relaying, you know that we do this be setting the environment variable RELAYCLIENT in qmail-smtpd's environment

Linux notebook / qmail

How to forward messages To forward messages for a specific user, eg. to, edit the user's ~/.qmail file, and add: & Part 18 - Maintaining your qmail server

Once you've got your qmail server up and running, how do you take care of it? This page will cover the many answers to that question. So here goes.

Inter7 - RoboMail

High volume, mail management software for opt-in mailing lists.

Inter7 -

Simscan is a simple program that enables qmail-smtpd to reject viruses, spam, and block attachments during the SMTP conversation so the email never makes it into your computers. It is completely open source and uses other open source components. Very effi

Main Page - QmailWiki

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Welcome to the Qmail-Wiki. We are currently in the process of catagorizing the information in the wiki. If you spot some missing information or have an update please add it to the wiki. You will need to create an account first.

Howto install of Qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap...

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QMAIL + Vpopmail + courier-imap + Qmailadmin + MySql + Spamassassin + clamav + Squirrelmail + stats (Isoqlog, qms-analog, qmailanalog & qmail MRTG) under Linux

FEHCom - Qmail Support Page [SPAMCONTROL]

SPAMCONTROL is an extension qmail. Though mainly used to filter and control unsolicited commercial E-Mails (UCE/SPAM), since release 2 it includes substantial EMSTP protocol enhancements for qmail.

Spamassassin with qmail / Vpopmail

If you want to link Qmail with spamassassin, it is quite easy. First, install spamassassin and install razor and pyzor if you want to use it.

qmail SPF (Sender Policy Framework) patch

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This is an SPF implementation for qmail. SPF is something like a DNS based "reverse MX" system to designate permitted senders for mails depending on the domain name. The goal is to disallow sender address forgery.

Spamassassin & Qmail

Although (by now) I don't use Spamassassin myself, I have it done once and it worked for me. People have asked me about it, so I put the pieces here together.

Qmail-Scanner - A Content Scanner for Qmail

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Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan gatewayed email for certain characteristics (i.e. a content scanner). It is typically used for its anti-virus and anti-spam protection functions, in which case it is used in conjunction

Chris Hardie - qmail Anti-Spam HOWTO

options for system administrators who want to implement anti-spam mechanisms at the system-wide level.

Webmail server guide - qmail, vpopmail, mysql, courier-imap, squirrelmail, qmail-scanner, clam antivirus, spamassassin


24 September 2006 22:00

Bill's Linux Qmail Toaster

What this toaster does and does not do: This "howto" will walk you through building a Linux Qmail "Toaster". While these instructions are intended to work with popular Linux distributions, they will probably work on other flavors of Unix without too much

The qmail newbie's guide to relaying

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there's a fair amount of confusion on the subject of relaying mail and what the rcpthosts file has to do with it, and how tcpserver's tcprules can affect it. So I've written the following, exceedingly wordy explanation of relaying and how to do it selecti

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