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Tanya Streeter

Like whales and dolphins, humans can take a breath and descend beneath the surface of the waves to experience the surreal silence and beauty of any aquatic environment.

Tanya Streeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tanya Streeter, born January 10, 1973 in Grand Cayman, is a world champion free-diver, who made her first important breakthrough in 1998 when she bettered Deborah Andollo's Women's No Limits diving record by 10 feet, achieving a total depth of 370 feet (1


Plantar fasciitis

video on how to tape up a hurting foot


Freakonomics Blog » Why Don’t Americans Suck at the Tour de France?

Why Don’t Americans Suck at the Tour de France? The U.S. national soccer team recently embarassed itself in the World Cup. During the Olympics, U.S. athletes regularly get beat in certain sports that, like soccer, are taken much more seriously in oth


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