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April 2007

Slifeshare | Share your digital life

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Slifeshare is an online space where you share your digital life activities such as browsing the web and listening to music with your friends, family or anyone you care about.

December 2006

ChickAdvisor :: Home

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"I LOVE your bag! Where'd you get that?" "Your hair looks fantastic! Where do you go?" Nothing beats a good recommendation, and that's what ChickAdvisor is all about! Get valuable advice and recommendations from other women on everything from highlights

D.E.H. Software's Socialite

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When you click the "Save Your Settings" button your settings will be saved to your computer using a cookie and these settings will be saved for the next time that you visit this page. When you click on the "Post to Selected Service(s)" the selected servic

August 2006

apophenia: Research on Social Network Sites

I want to track down everyone who is actively doing research on social network sites. (Clarification: i'm looking for folks that are publishing in peer-reviewed spaces, not just researching for their company or blog.) Nicole Ellison and i are plotting to