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Loic Le Meur Blog: My social map is totally decentralized but I want it back on my blog

The challenge for Friendfeed and the like is that while I really like all my services gathered in one place, I would rather that these would be centralized on my blog instead of a third party service. Yes you can cross post or add badges, but it's not rea


Scoble's new venture after podtech... great time at sxsw in Austin w Scoble and friends at Salt Lick BBQ


Springnet Tumblr Blog

musings from Paul Terry Walhus, Austin, Texas IT guy and web host and web developer on the Austin scene, the webosphere, the blogosphere, and web 2.0.

Pownce : Paul Terry W.

pownce page of Paul Terry Walhus or springnet a web developer and one man IT Dept in Austin, Texas


With MonitorThis you can subscribe to 22 different search engine feeds at the same time.

Slifeshare | Share your digital life

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Slifeshare is an online space where you share your digital life activities such as browsing the web and listening to music with your friends, family or anyone you care about.

Christopher S. Penn » Blog Archive » How to make custom Twitter groups

How to make custom Twitter groups Using Yahoo! Pipes to filter Twitter. (tags: twitter yahoo pipes sms mashup)

Stammy Script: RSS to Twitter using PHP -

I’ve been a Twitter user for a few weeks now and have come across many tools to help with Twitter posting and integration

Scripting News: jkOnTheTwitter

Kevin from JK, an excellent mobile gadget blog, suggested he might like to see his blog as a Twitter River, and I said it would be my honor to provide one. Permalink to this paragraph


A look at what's new, what's cool, what's useful on the Internet right now with Amber Macarthur and Leo Laporte

2006 Little Known Ways to Use RSS

One of the great things about standards is that once they're widely adopted people can bend them to uses that were never thought of by the people who originally crafted the standard. Everyone knows you can get news and blog posts via RSS, but there are a

FeedCycle : What is a serialised RSS web feed?

A serialised RSS web feed enables a subscriber to receive, perhaps on a daily basis, sequential episodes from within a series of episodes. The subscriber always starts at the beginning regardless when they start their subscription.

web2.0 portal rsss

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This Original Signal Web 2.0 frontpage is a human filtered content website. It shows only the best Web 2.0 related articles from the best Web 2.0-blogs.

OUseful Info: deliShow: A RSS Slide Show

If you want to run a slideshow of web pages, fed from a delicous RSS feed, here's a way to do it:

SitePoint Blogs » Flickr, PHP and that word… scaling

What makes Flickr interesting as an online application is it’s use of RSS, among other things, and how that in turn enables social networking. Although the term “social networking” is currently a buzzword, what Flickr and have achieved,

lists:thingsyoucandowithrss [TimYangWiki]

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more to rss than just blog syndication and news aggregation If the originating news sources allow it, you can syndicate their articles on your site. RSS-conversion tools like, FeedDigest,, Feed2js,,, R

A non-technical explanation of RSS

RSS works by taking a set of information and breaking it down into a collection of identifable items. For example, an RSS feed for a newspaper’s site might gather up the most recently published stories and break them down so the RSS file contains one RS

RSS Digest: The world's largest RSS to JavaScript service

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Show headlines and items from any RSS or Atom enabled site on your own Web site, no programming required. Anyone can use it, as you can include the digest with either JavaScript, PHP, OR an IFRAME! Get no ads, and use ANY valid feed!

Rad Geek’s Projects » FeedWordPress

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FeedWordPress is an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress. It syndicates content from newsfeeds that you choose into your WordPress blog; if you syndicate several newsfeeds then you can WordPress’s posts database and templating engine as the back-end of an