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May 2008

April 2008

Wp-plugin - Seesmic

The Seesmic-wp-plugin allows you to: * Record one or more Seesmic video's to a post. * Accept authenticated or anonymous video comments. * Moderate video comments exactly like text comments.

March 2008

February 2008

Gmail Manager :: Firefox Add-ons

Allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications. Displays your account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail... Allows you to manage multiple Gmail ac

wordTube at alex.rabe

playlist demo of several media files. wordTube supports streaming video format (Format .flv or .swf), sound files as MP3 and JPG, GIF or PNG grafic files. With wordTube you insert it into your blog with the tag [MEDIA=ID] or as playlist [MYPLAYLIST=ID].

January 2008

December 2007

November 2007

AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin » Acme Technologies Zeitgeist

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AdSense-Deluxe is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress 1.5+ (including WP 2.0) for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed.

July 2007

FactoryCity » My default WordPress setup: 17 must-have plugins

by 2 others Stats: like Akismet, this is another Automattic product. If you have a account, this plugin will gather visitor stats on your blog and integrate them with your dashboard.

June 2007

WPTWIT at Newly Ancient

WPTWIT is a plugin for WordPress which integrates Twitter into your site. With a useful sidebar widget and a powerful templating system, this plugin allows you to keep your visitors updated with your latest tweets.

May 2007

Shankar Ganesh | Tech Blog » Blog Archive » Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts Collection

I’ve been using Twitter for the past few days and I’m hooked. I searched for some Greasemonkey scripts for twitter and found these.

Vicissitude » Blog Archive » Twitter Updater (a WordPress plugin)

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The Twitter Updater automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post

April 2007

1 Bit Audio Player : A JavaScript-inserted Flash MP3 player for WordPress blogs and other websites

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1 Bit Audio Player is a very simple and lightweight Adobe Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It's main purpose is to act as a quick in-page preview for audio files

BlogMate - The Free, (BETA!) Missing Blogging Palette For TextMate

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BlogMate is a free, graphical plug-in for the popular TextMate editor that allows creating and editing blog posts for MetaWeblog-enabled blogs from a floating palette within TextMate.

Showcase - Features

shows all your firefox tabs in one windows of thumbnailed web pages... cool!

November 2006

About This Site Firefox Extension v. 1.0 by Gina Trapani

One click access to various services that provide info on the web site you're on

July 2006

June 2006

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