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May 2008


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What has been listened to and shared today no Twitter . . .

March 2008

A Spoonful of Hip-Hop Helps The Guilt Go Down « Scott Robbin

Scott Robbin is a web developer, musician, photographer, bicyclist and general tinkerer. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois where he is self-unemployed as a freelance programmer for the Internets.

Scott Robbin is a side-project that I worked on with friend and Humanized co-worker, Aza Raskin. Songza lets you search for a song that's stuck in your head, play it, and even share with your friends.

Tables Turned

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Audibot™ is an Linux-based audio device that Tables Turned distributes to radio stations and music venues. Connect it to an audio source and it automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3 recordings to any website.

Perfect Porridge — Music, Minneapolis, Mutiny

Here’s Tristan Prettyman’s cover of the song “New Soul.” You’ll probably recognize it from the Macbook Air commercial.

February 2008

EPIC-FU - art+tech+music for geeks

Zadi Diaz has a hot, hot, hot video series on this page... gotta find out if it's syndicated!

doubleTwist | FAQ

doubleTwist desktop, is a free application for sharing, enjoying and syncing personal media.

Maura Moynihan — writer, musician, traveler, and daughter of Daniel Patrick Moynihan

At age fifteen, Maura Moynihan moved to New Delhi, India, where her father, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was appointed the US Ambassador. She graduated in 1975 from the American International School, New Delhi, known as “Hindi High.”

Songza - The music search engine & internet jukebox. Listen. Now.

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One of the finalists in the 2008 SXSW web awards... to say this is an internet jukebox is apt... pick a song, any song or album, and it just plays. It just plays. Simple. Easy. Revolutionary. Best website I've been on in weeks. I'm hooked! Awesome!

January 2008

October 2007

Austin, TX Showlist

This is a list of shows for the Austin area. It is by no means meant to be the Austin showlist, merely a showlist. It will not be limited solely to my tastes, but I will try my best to keep it within certain boundaries.

September 2007

July 2007

Boing Boing: SeeqPod for iPhone plays MP3s scraped from the web

SeeqPod has developed a custom version of its MP3 searching technology that autodetects iPhones. The service looks for MP3 files on the Web and lets you play them on your computer or iPhone.

2007 Fast Cities: Austin, Texas - Dell - Whole Foods - South by Southwest

Austin's young population (75% are under 45) fuels a white-hot entertainment industry. The South by Southwest festival draws thousands of media professionals to the "live-music capital of the world" (1,580 bands! 70 venues!)

May 2007

April 2007

1 Bit Audio Player : A JavaScript-inserted Flash MP3 player for WordPress blogs and other websites

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1 Bit Audio Player is a very simple and lightweight Adobe Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It's main purpose is to act as a quick in-page preview for audio files

Jos Coffee Blog » The Return of Sinner’s Brunch at SoCo Jo’s

We’re bringin’ it back folks…this time with a little different sound. We’re pleased to present the Son’s of Peaches featuring: Frank Meyer Marvin Dykhuis Richard Bowden Karen (Peaches)

March 2007

Jos Coffee Blog » Blog Archive » South By San Jose Line Up

Come hang out at the coolest day party on south congress. We’ll have beer, coffee, food, and local vendors with lots of cool stuff from records to screen printed tee shirts.

February 2007

Eric R. Danton | Sound Check: 49th Annual Grammy Awards

8:14 — It's a sign of how far pop culture has shifted in the past four years that the Dixie Chicks, once reviled for singer Natalie Maines' comment about the shame of sharing a home state with President Bush, are now on TV during the music industry's bi