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December 2007

Submit Multiple URLs to Bookmarks as a Batch at Digital Inspiration

Imagine you have hundreds (or even thousands) of webpage URLs that you want to upload to your account. How would do this bulk submit when the delicious system allows you to bookmark web pages one at a time ?

November 2007

July 2007

Firefox: Bookmark and Open Multiple Tabs in Firefox - Lifehacker

One easily-overlooked feature in Firefox is its ability to bookmark and open tabs as a group. For example, there may be a set of sites you check every day. Or you may be working on a project and want to stop for the day but keep track of all the open page

Open Multiple Web Sites in Tabs ~ Web Developers

Did you know you can set Firefox to open multiple Web sites at once? This would be helpful for skimming all those Web sites you check out when you turn your computer on in the morning.

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