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November 2007

trendalicious v2.0

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trendalicious is a real-time ranking of the 100 most popular web pages as reflected by, digg, and reddit. URLs posted to those sites are collected and ranked by their total number of votes or links.

September 2007

Facebook Developers | Documentation

The Facebook API uses a REST-based interface. This means that our Facebook method calls made over the internet by sending HTTP GET or POST requests to REST server add social context to application by utilizing profile, friend, photo, and event data.

July 2007

June 2007

Search and Map Out Auctions, and Classifieds with FREE Auction Sniping

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name your item and it finds items for sale that match your search on craigslist, ebay, amazon and other auction and classifieds sites. Pretty useful and impressive.

April 2007

Christopher S. Penn » Blog Archive » How to make custom Twitter groups

How to make custom Twitter groups Using Yahoo! Pipes to filter Twitter. (tags: twitter yahoo pipes sms mashup)

March 2007

Twitter Fan Wiki - This is the unofficial place where Tw...

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Since the Twitter folks haven't put up a wiki yet, it seemed like a good idea to get one going out of the community. Lately there's been a bunch of scripts and other cool ideas pushed forward and it's finally time that we had a place to bring them all tog

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