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25 September 2006 22:00

High-availability middleware on Linux, Part 1: Heartbeat and Apache Web server

In this first of five articles, learn what it means for software to be highly available and how to install and set up heartbeat software from the High-Availability Linux project on a two-node system. You'll also learn how to configure the Apache Web serve -- Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques

You may know about the MySQL Cluster, which is a complex architecture to achieve high availability and performance. One of the advantages of MySQL Cluster is that each node is a peer to the others, whereas in a normal replicating system you have a master

The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster for Load Balancing

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The Linux Virtual Server is a highly scalable and highly available server built on a cluster of real servers, with the load balancer running on the Linux operating system. The architecture of the server cluster is fully transparent to end users, and the u


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DRBD is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters. This is done by mirroring a whole block device via (a dedicated) network. You could see it as a network raid-1

Edit /etc/syslog.conf to include a local1 (for example) facility entry for MasterMySQL to write to. Also update the top line so that local1 doesn't write to /var/log/messages: *.info;local1.none;mail.none;authpriv.none;cron.none /var/log/messa

HomePage: Linux HA

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The Linux-HA project is a widely used and important component in many interesting High-Availability solutions. We estimate that we currently have around thirty thousand installations up in mission-critical uses in the real world since it became suitable f

25 September 2006 18:00

Ultra Monkey:

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Ultra Monkey is a project to create load balanced and highly available network services. For example a cluster of web servers that appear as a single web server to end-users. The service may be for end-users across the world connected via the internet, or

24 September 2006 23:00

Howto install of Qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap...

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QMAIL + Vpopmail + courier-imap + Qmailadmin + MySql + Spamassassin + clamav + Squirrelmail + stats (Isoqlog, qms-analog, qmailanalog & qmail MRTG) under Linux

FEHCom - Qmail Support Page [SPAMCONTROL]

SPAMCONTROL is an extension qmail. Though mainly used to filter and control unsolicited commercial E-Mails (UCE/SPAM), since release 2 it includes substantial EMSTP protocol enhancements for qmail.

Spamassassin with qmail / Vpopmail

If you want to link Qmail with spamassassin, it is quite easy. First, install spamassassin and install razor and pyzor if you want to use it.

Spamassassin & Qmail

Although (by now) I don't use Spamassassin myself, I have it done once and it worked for me. People have asked me about it, so I put the pieces here together.

Qmail-Scanner - A Content Scanner for Qmail

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Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan gatewayed email for certain characteristics (i.e. a content scanner). It is typically used for its anti-virus and anti-spam protection functions, in which case it is used in conjunction

Chris Hardie - qmail Anti-Spam HOWTO

options for system administrators who want to implement anti-spam mechanisms at the system-wide level.

Webmail server guide - qmail, vpopmail, mysql, courier-imap, squirrelmail, qmail-scanner, clam antivirus, spamassassin


24 September 2006 22:00

Bill's Linux Qmail Toaster

What this toaster does and does not do: This "howto" will walk you through building a Linux Qmail "Toaster". While these instructions are intended to work with popular Linux distributions, they will probably work on other flavors of Unix without too much

The qmail newbie's guide to relaying

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there's a fair amount of confusion on the subject of relaying mail and what the rcpthosts file has to do with it, and how tcpserver's tcprules can affect it. So I've written the following, exceedingly wordy explanation of relaying and how to do it selecti

qmail: Second most popular MTA on the Internet

Please note that this site is a reference for qmail users. It's not designed to be easy to use -- it's designed to be comprehensive. There are things in here which have sharp edges! If you're looking for a tutorial site, visit Dave Sill's excellent Life W

Life with qmail

Life with qmail is aimed at everyone interested in running qmail, from the rank amateur (newbie) who just installed Linux on a spare PC all the way up to the experienced system administrator or mail administrator. If you find it lacking or unclear, please

qmail: the Internet's MTA of choice

qmail is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent. It is designed for typical Internet-connected UNIX hosts. As of October 2001, qmail is the second most common SMTP server on the Internet, and has by far the fastest growth of any SMTP

A qmail installation that will get you laid - It's gotta be

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Welcome to, a comprehensive qmail installation resource. Founded in June of 2003, was put together to provide a free and open resource for anyone needing help with the installation and configuration of Dan Bernstein's qmail M

24 September 2006 19:00

Prerequisites and installation on Fedora or RHEL Linux - Confluence Community - Confluence

Below are instructions on installing Confluence and supporting software (MySQL 5, Resin) on a Fedora or RHEL/Centos Linux system. Some seemingly little things here took many hours to figure out. Some of the information may not apply to you (e.g. my refere

24 September 2006 18:00

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Introduction to System Administration contains introductory information for new Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators. It does not teach you how to perform a particular task under Red Hat Enterprise Linux; rather, it

LAMP Linux Apache MySQL PHP - quickstart for redhat 9

Linux, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP scripting (LAMP) is very popular platform for web solutions. This tutorial shows how to install and configure Apache web server, MySQL database and scripting language. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) is ve