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May 2008

Twitter Friend Adder Firefox Plugin

You will then need to login to your account find the persons friends you would like to communicate with right click on there profile and there should be an option stating “Grab this Users Friends” hit that and the plugin should start working.

November 2007

Web Worker Daily

by 7 others
If you have the itch to work from home but not as an employee, how about checking out StartupNation’s Top 100 Home-based Businesses?

May 2007

Johnnie Moore's Weblog: Missing the point of twitter

Twitter isn't a very pointy product, it's more of a mesh of little connections (my velcro analogy again). It's not like being poked and prodded, it's about exposing more surface area for others to connect with.

Geek To Live: Replace Windows Explorer with Xplorer2 - Lifehacker

ike Firefox is a must-have replacement for Internet Explorer, a file manager called Xplorer2 blows Windows Explorer out of the water

April 2007

Twitter: Use it Productively -

First, let’s look at what makes Twitter different from, say, a blog or a chat room.

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