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May 2008

Pixel Qi - About Us

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen was previously the founding chief technology officer of One Laptop Per Child. Notably Mary Lou invented the laptop's sunlight-readable display

Xo Laptop 2.0: OLPC XO Laptop 2.0 Has Dual Touchscreens, Looks Amazing and Future-y

At OLPC's Global Country workshop today, founder Nick Negroponte unveiled the next-gen XO Laptop, and it totally blows the original away. Wow! Dual touch screen!

January 2008

Small Laptops

Small laptop: “A subnotebook (also known as a palmtop, a kneetop or an ultraportable) is an extremely small and lightweight portable computer, with all features of a standard laptop computer and running all its applications. Its overall size is much sm

November 2007

Portable laptop desks, laptop stands and laptop tables to use on trips, in meetings, in airports and cars. Sitting or standing height . Largest desk, packs small, strong - stabile and liteweight.

Model 1500 Specifications: Non-Folding. Fits inside cases or carry in your free Tote Bag. 15 inches wide x 13 inches deep. Weight: 1.75 lbs. Materials: Choice of durable black plastic or solid wood tops (cherry finish). Adjustable leg and clamp are anodiz

September 2007

One Laptop per Child (OLPC), Laptop: A learning tool created expressly for the children in developing nations

* Dimensions: 242mm×228mm×32mm (approximate—subject to change) * Weight: Less than 1.5 KG (target only—subject to change) * Configuration: Convertible laptop with pivoting, reversible display; dirt- and moisture-resistant system enclosu

August 2007


Weighing a mere one pound, the model 02 features innovations including 5" sliding WVGA LCD screen, integrated thumb keyboard and track stick, and capacitive TouchScrollers™.

July 2007

LCD Screen Protection - Laptop Screen Protectors, a valuable laptop accessory

adhesiveless screen protector for notebook computers.... but will it work with my HPs touchscreen?

May 2007

The Greenest Laptop on the Planet

The AMD energy efficient $100 laptop, well $176 to be more exact

What If Every Child Had A Laptop?, Lesley Stahl Reports On The Dream And The Difficulties Of Getting A Computer To Every Child - CBS News

he founded a non-profit organization called “One Laptop Per Child.” He recruited a cadre of geeks and viola! The hundred dollar laptop, designed specifically for poor children, was born.

September 2006

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