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March 2008

Tables Turned

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Audibot™ is an Linux-based audio device that Tables Turned distributes to radio stations and music venues. Connect it to an audio source and it automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3 recordings to any website.

February 2008

doubleTwist | FAQ

doubleTwist desktop, is a free application for sharing, enjoying and syncing personal media.

Gcast. Make your voice heard.

make a pocast and get it on itunes inside of 10 minutes! awesome

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better | OEDb

If you think that iPods are used just for listening to music, you obviously haven't been keeping up with the latest technology.

January 2008

Podcast Generator - Open Source Podcast Publishing Solution

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Podcast Generator is a free web based podcast publishing script written in PHP: upload media files (audio-video) via a web form along with episode information and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags. It also feat

springnet's podcast

within 5 minutes I had a show on itunes! it was so easy it was amazing. is the url. highly recommended

December 2007

ITunes: Multiple libraries in iTunes 7

The recently-released iTunes 7 has added the much wished-for ability to manage multiple music libraries, and the Klavr weblog points out how simple it is

July 2007

author site of floola, the ipoda alternative

April 2007

Glenn Wolsey : Blog Archive : Interview: Will Friedwald, Owner Of The Worlds Largest iTunes Collection

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Will Friedwald proclaims he has the world largest iTunes collection. An avid listener to Jazz music, and a writer for the New York Sun, Will spends his days in front of his Power Mac G5 running “The Maxtix”, his mammoth 200,000 track iTunes library

February 2007

January 2007


Amy Cook’s new album, which will be officially released on February 16th, is featured on the Famecast “Show the World Your Talent” website. User comments on Famecast included “dreamy and beautiful”, “breathtaking video”, fabulous photograph | Songbird Media Player

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Play music. Play the Web.™ Songbird™ is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. Like Winamp, it supports extensions and skins feathers. Like Firefox®, it is built from Mozilla®, cross-platform and open source.


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Publish any number of Artists, Albums, Playlists or even your entire iTunes Music Library with 1-Click, then listen to your music via your web browser, Sony PSP or web enabled phone. You can even stream your tracks to your website or MySpace page with our

December 2006

The Last iPod Video Guide You’ll Ever Need at Plastic Bugs

I was recently inspired to create a guide for Mac users who just got themselves a brand new iPod! We’ll go over all the options you’ve got and how to convert absolutely anything and everything: DVDs, TiVo video, messy AVIs, muxed MPEGs and more to iPo

November 2006

Hamachi : Stay Connected

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Hamachi gives you LAN over the Internet. Virtually any application that works over local/home networks can also be used over Hamachi networks. Think - Windows File Sharing, iTunes, Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance or even gaming - all fully encrypted, au

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